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SoCS badge 2015

First of all, I will say thank you for all your support to the competition for our new badge to this prompt. As you might know, we were 5, who had been creative. Congratulations to the winner: Hope Floats.

As you may know, I live in an area close to the Mediterranean Sea in Spain. Many of the houses here are only used in the Summer time, also some for renting, even we are many, who live here all the year.

In a neighbor house we have had a German family for the last two weeks, mother, father, grandmother, 2 kids at around 4-6 years old and a labrador. Oh my for a family, they have been very close to drive me insane with their very loud way of keeping their holidays.

Usual it is the kids, who are screeming and yelling by the swimmingpool, but in this case here, it was all in the family. I really don’t know, who did make worst of this noise but the dog was absolut the most quiet in this family.

I really don’t understand, how people can be so egoistic and not mind that there are other people, in this case many people, around them and they did really terrorize all with their behavior here. Thanks, they left the house yesterday…

I haven’t been much in my garden in this time, because of the very loud noise. It was impossible just to sit and enjoy my coffee outside. Then I decided to go inside my house and do what I had energy for instead. But we have Summer here and need to have windows and doors open just to breath.

I use to do my meditation by the Sea in the morning and later in the afternoon. At this time there are a lot of tourists here, so not peace for meditation at the beach at the moment and when I wished to do it inside the house, I needed to close all windows and doors just to get a little peace. Even then it was difficult to find peace. I have felt frustrated in this time. I don’t use to have that kind of problems here and I really don’t hope, that we get more of this kind of families in this Summer. I love to be able to use my garden more than in very early morning or very late night, which were the only times with peace outside.

What I really don’t understand is, why do parents not raise their kids to behave, so other people can stand being around them? I see this very often, it seems like people are scared for their own kids. If they don’t do anything wrong to their kids, why be scared? Parents don’t need to be their kids best friend, they need to be and act like parents, so their kids have a model to look up to. Kids need kids to be best friends with, not adults.

I find that very sad for the kids, when no one teach them, how to behave in our world. How will they be as adults? Very egoistic, I think.



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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS August 15/15

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “-ay.”  Find a word ending in “ay” and use it as the theme/subject of your post. Play with it, I say!

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Life Quality – This post is a part of SoCS

ImageThe beach area close to, where I live

In my daily life, I do a lot for other souls, I like to help, where I’m able to do it. Sometimes I think, if those souls also are worth it, but most of the time, they are 🙂  All of us have both good and less good days and that is okay, so long time we remember not to blame other souls for our bad days. If we never try to have a bad day, how should we be able to appreciate the good days?

No one of us are perfect, we act or say sometimes things, where we should have breathed a time or two, before we acted.

It is very healthy to improve our personal development both for ourselves, our partners and kids. We can always learn something new. When we learn ourselves to know, we also find other ways to create solutions for problems, which can improve our life quality.

When we feel mad or disappointed with our partner or kids it is always good to think, before we open our mouth or send out a bad attitude, which will not help us at all.

Try to find out, what made you feel so bad and instead of accusing your partner, then tell that you feel hurt, when this and this happen or you feel sad, when other things happen. When you tell about your own feelings instead of accusing your partner for something, that either hurt you or made you feel mad, you will have a much better change to find understanding for your feelings.

For your teenagers it could be, that they don’t clean their room, even they know this is their duty, you can tell them, that you have enough to do with your other duties, maybe job, house keeping etc. so they need to understand, that it is necessary they take part in the “homework” there are in a house. Then they will feel, they are needed in the family, which are for alls best. That is very positive.

When we feel, we have too much to do, no matter it is about family life or jobs, we get stressed, which can destroy the whole family, it is time for a TimeOut, where we need to find a solution not to get sick both mentally and physical. Bad stress separate families.

If your kids are not small any longer, it is okay to ask them for help, so you can get a little more time for yourself. All kids like to help and feel needed in their family. When they grow up, it is okay to ask for more help than only the trash and the dish. This can also give you that extra time, as you might need to find yourself again.


I find it important to do something good for myself every day, even it is only for 15 minutes. It can be blogging, creating jewelry, sew or other kind of handwork, meditation to find myself often followed by relaxing music or just a walk in the nature. Those moments are gold for me, they give me the needed abundance, so I’m able to be kind and positive the rest of that day.


What do you like to do for yourself? Do you use to use time for yourself? If not, it is time now.


I hope that you enjoyed reading. The topic will continue in next weekend.



This post is part of SoCS:

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