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Late walk in Spain yesterday – 20 Photos


Odin was kind to sit model for me, while I wished to show you, how big the Orange Trees are here

Remember that you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them


There are several plantages with Orange Trees in this area, where we walk in Spain. The once without fence, as we see here, are the sour Oranges, which are used for sour juice. I tried to taste one last year and I will not repeat that test this year…



In left side they have a growing kindergarten and in right side the older Orange Trees


Sometimes we meet a old shephard here walking with his many sheeps and dogs to help him. We haven’t met him for a while, but he is walking all day with the sheeps, so one day we will meet him again

IMG_20151016_185111 IMG_20151016_185228

This area is very well kept and there are many orange at the trees.

You can see the fence around in beton here. It was here I met the big snake in the Spring, as I think was a python. It was around 3 meters – 9,84 Ft and thick like an arm. I’m grateful for not having met this one again. With the many rabbits as we have here, it can survive without problems. Why do some people let out such an animal in our nature, where they don’t live natural? I don’t understand that.

IMG_20151016_185305 IMG_20151016_185355

Odin was testing the oranges, as were at the soil, but he doesn’t like orange

IMG_20151016_185400 IMG_20151016_185408 IMG_20151016_185419


This Olive tree is not kept, stand in a wild area, where no one take care. It is really huge and this year filled with olives


Here you see a big field with Artichokes. They are growing very well and will soon give fruit again

IMG_20151017_082700 IMG_20151017_082706 IMG_20151017_082838

Odin is looking at some Lemon Trees in lines here, very well kept area


Just beside the Artichokes there are a wild and not kept area, where there are both Orange and Clementine Trees and both are very delicious, I took fruit down there in last harvest time. The fruits are not so big, because no one take care, but they are very tasteful



Sunset while we were on our way home

I hope you enjoyed our walk


Orange in Spain – 2 photos


Orange tree filled with fruits

I do enjoy these Orange Trees and I still see them as exotic plants. The orange here are ready now and we have some areas, where it is many years ago, that people left the houses and areas. In some of those areas we have orange and after our walks in the field we pass and pick up some orange for fresh pressed juice. Very delicious and organic, because no one did take care there for years.


Orange trees all over in this area

The region Valenciana where I live has a lot of orange and lemon areas. It is very beautiful when we pass an area where all the fruits are in strong colors.

The Spring is on the way, we have had 20 degrees C. in the afternoon today and I did enjoy my coffee outside at the terrasse, really wonderful. I know it will be cold in the night again, not much over 0 degrees C. but it is okay. I’m looking so much forward to the Spring.

How do your world looking right now? Are you able to enjoy any kind of outdoor life?


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