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Rainbow 2

We do all experience and meet challenges in our life, some meet more than others and we can just hope, that we are able to handle the challenges, as each of us meet in life

When I look back at my life, I see a lot of positive experiences, which make me happy to think about. Some times have been more fun than others, that is life

I got my kids very early in life and I did never regret to get them, even it was early and more life experiences might have helped me in many ways. I have two adult kids, the first just before I became 20 years old and the second three years later. I have been young with my kids, which has been good in some ways, because went they became teenagers, I still did remember, how it was to be a teenager myself. Not easy…

I have been through many great times, but also times as I could live without. I do know, that all of this have made me to the person, as I am today, but I could still live without these. I have had many times, where I wished, that I had more guidance and support, than I had back then, but what doesn’t kill us, makes us usually stronger

I haven’t been to good to find the best partners, while I was younger. Short time ago, I got to know, that I have been an idiot-magnet sometimes, which I today easily only can agree about. I think and hope, that I now have learned by my mistakes

When we meet idiots, psychopaths, sociopaths etc. then it is not possible not to be damaged in different ways. These kind of monsters, they are not humans – I deny to call them humans – they destroy everyone and everything, as they come close to and unfortunately, they are not always easy to spot up in front, then it would be more easy to avoid them

I did meet this kind of monsters and several of them. They have damaged my soul very much and I have worked very hard and still do, to be healed from all those years

For many years, I have had interest in alternative ways of living, healing, gemstones, meditation etc. In the beginning I worked with these things on and off, later I found out, how much I feel, that the gemstones have helped me in my healing, why I continue to use them in many ways and for some years also to create jewelry with

When I wear jewelry with gemstones, I can feel their power. They can never go instead of a doctors visit, when this is needed, but they can support our healing beside the doctors work

Today I do meditations daily, sometimes several times daily I do also use gemstones, while I meditate, specially when I send healing thoughts to other souls in need. I know, they support me to send, what is needed

Last year I went vegetarian again, which I did not regret. I feel so much better in my body and mind after this. I do yoga, both in a class and at home and this help me to get into a better shape and helps my body to heal too

There are many ways, as we can go, when we wish to heal our wounds from earlier in this life. I chose personal development by many reasons, most of all to learn myself to know, to learn my own limitations for now, then I had something to work from and could see, how far I come day by day

It was a big challenge for me to move to Spain, which I did 4 1/2 years ago. I have been much alone, specially in the first years here, where my Spanish was almost not existing, which makes it difficult to communicate with anyone, when I rarely met people, who were able to speak anything else than Spanish or Catalan

In these first years, I really got to know myself at positive and less positive ways, found my strength after some while and the will to survive, live and enjoy my life. When you are much alone, you have a lot of time to think, which I also did and I got to know myself so well, that I also found out, that I needed help for healing my soul

I read a lot, communicated online with people, read more and got to learn, how I could help myself to heal. First of all, I needed to find out, what to heal from, because there were several reasons. Then I learned, that by forgiving first myself, for at all to let anyone hurt me, was first step. Next step was to forgive the monsters, as did hurt me. This step was the most difficult to come through, until I found out, that I didn’t need to forgive their bad acting, which are not possible to ever forgive, but “only” their existence as being monsters and not humans. I found this as the most difficult, as I have ever learned to do in my life, but after I did, I found out, that I got many energies released from my soul. Today I feel more free than ever before in my life

When I found out to forgive, not for them, but for me, to find my freedom to live, this was the best, I ever have done for myself

Now you know a little more about, why I love to work with gemstones and their energies, they have been priceless in their support for me.

Enjoy your life – while you still are able to




One-Liner Wednesday

I will never give up my meditation, which give freedom and peace to my mind



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One-Liner Wednesday – Just one?

Linda wrote: Name one indulgence you never want to give up.

Morning walk at the beach in Spain


The beach today in Spain

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them


As you can see, the Mediterranean Sea was more came today. Odin and I went to play there and take photos for you to see. After several days with heavy storms the morning was so quiet, no wind at all, very very nice after our walks in storm. I do like some wind, but this wind in storm and the cold, where we went down 0 degrees C. was very cold, when we walk in open areas.


As I wrote yesterday, Odin loves to swim even he only swims a little in the Winter. Today the beach was so nice, so he couldn’t resist to go into the water.


We used a long time at the beach today with playing and swimming. I even found the time for my meditation there, which I really appreciate. No matter my mood when I go out, after our time at the beach I always feel happy and in balance.


The water was very clear today, I could look through and see everything at the bottom. After the last storms here I found a lot of nice new stones and shells and as you can see, even the sun came through so a wonderful morning at the beach.

Do you ever visit the beach? Also in the Winter?


The beach – This post is a part of SoCS


Odin at a rock in the beach close to us

When I feel the need for getting out or getting away, I love to go to the beach. The fresh salt filled air helps me to breath and think. A long walk just beside the sea or inside the water and play with my big puppy Odin. He also loves to go to the beach.

I feel that I get a mind cleaning, when I’m close to the sea.

It is also good to sit and do my meditation at the beach and easy to release my mind in this beautiful and peaceful place. We often have this part of the beach only for us, which Odin enjoys a lot because then he is allowed to walk without the leash and play in the sea.

Where do you go when you need to get out or away?

I hope you enjoyed reading, this topic will continue next weekend,

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Body & Mind – This post is a part of SoCS

We need to treat our body and mind in a healthy way to live a life able to join life without health problems.

For my body I use to take walks with my dog and practice yoga, which helps me to be able to use my body also when I have pain by Osteoarthritis. If I just sit and don’t move around my body will get worse and worse. Instead I try my best with yoga, where I get stretched my body all the right places.

For my mind I use meditation and gratitude. I do use meditation two  times a day, if possible and when I go to bed I think about all the things I have to be grateful for. I try to find so much as possible and give my thanks to our universe.

In my daily life I do my best to stay positive, smile and don’t judge anyone. We do all have a history and I’m not the one to judge you.

All these ways of behavior help me to treat my body and mind in a healthy way, of course I can do a lot more, but I can’t do all in one time, so step by step.

What do yo do to treat your body and mind healthy? I would like to know, maybe we can inspire each other 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading. This topic will continue in next weekend,



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Entrance to my life – This post is a part of SoCS

The sea seen from a beach close to my new house


I do love to walk by the beach no matter what time at the year. Sometimes it is very quiet and other times more alive like here at my photo. My emotions look much like the sea, sometimes in inner peace and other times flying around without being able to find myself. To walk by the beach help me to find my inner peace. It is so beautiful and the smell of saltwater helps to clean my mind.

As you may know, I did have a movement short time ago, my 4. here in Spain. I do really hope to stay in this new house for years. The other places was not optimal places to live, only for short periods of my life.

Here we have a big rustical house in the middle of the nature with more than one hectar soil, as need some good hands and a lot of work. No one needs to be bored by staying here, there are more than enough to do in this big garden. We have many kind of fruit trees and I will show you photos, when they are mostly beautiful to look at. We have a hens house here too with four hens and one cock, so we do also get some eggs and now one little new chicken and several on the way 🙂

My big puppy enjoy his new area with so much space and my cats love to explore their new area. Already now they have caught one ratt, several mice and one mole. I don’t like they are hunting the birds and it is rare, they are catching a bird, which makes me happy.

I enjoy to meditate in the nature here and are able to find my inner peace. Just to sit and enjoy the beauty in the nature helps me to came down. The birds music are nice to listen to and the cock take good care, that no one ever forget him and his wives.

I have lived and moved a lot in my life, it seems to be difficult for me to find a place, where I can feel right home and wish to stay in for a longer time. By experience I found out, that I did need to find the inner peace in myself, before I also was able to find it in a house. I think that was the most important reason to have so many movements in my life. Yes, I have also had movements because of a new job, but most of them did have other reasons.

I use meditation to find myself and what I wish to bring into my life. The law of attraction as I did write about before, was working very well here. I did wish for a house in the nature, close to a beach, not too far away from a town, a big garden filled with different fruit trees and a lot of posibilities for development after own wishes. After a while we found this house. It is not perfect at all, but has it’s own charm and handicaps. But I love to stay here, which for me is the most important. I feel home and I really hope that feeling will continue for me.

I’m lucky to come from a country, where it was possible to get a pension, when I was not able to work any longer in my life, even I’m not so old. Because of my turbulent life circumstances with many challenges and last a bad depression after too much stress being independent with own company. I was lucky to be able to bring my pension and move to another country, from Denmark to Spain, where I enjoy the good weather with a lot more of sunshine, than I have lived with before. The weather here is also much better for my health and I enjoy to be able to go to the local market and buy frest vegetables and fruits, which keep me more healthy.

Now I can relax and use my time as I wish to. I try to find a new rhythm in my life in the new house, where I have time for daily meditations, to be creative in several ways and develop my new world filled with new posibilities.

By my life experiences I did learn how important it is to say stop for bad stress, the positive stress is okay, but when it goes to bad stress, it is important to take a break and find out, what to do with our lives. Something needs a change, if we don’t wish to be sick by stress, please remember this Dear Readers, I do really know, how much harm bad stress can do. Today I can’t stand any kind of stress, why I’m not able to take care of a job any longer. Where to find a job without any kind of stress??? Not easy, I promise I did try.

Take very good care of both your physical and mental health to have a good life, both are very important. If you don’t take good care of yourself and go down in one or another way, then who will take care of the ones you love and who should be the most important in your life???

I hope you did enjoy reading. This topic will continue next weekend.


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Amethyst is a beautiful purple quartz gemstone. It belongs to the third eye and crown chakra.

I have used the amethyst to find trust and self-confidence, when needed and to avoid stress and nightmares. When my kids or I did sleep badly, I placed an amethyst under the pillow, which helped to get a good night of sleep. Amethyst are a cleaning gemstone, which means when we have had problems with fx fever or the stomach, I placed an amethyst in water over the night, and served the water for drinking.

The amethyst is also very good to work with, if I need to see life more clearly, to be able to look through the daily life and find the right solutions. I use it to meditations, it helps me avoid bad energies.

Sensitive people or animals can also have a lot of joy of the amethyst. Just to have one in the pocket, will help to avoid all the noise from other people. It helps me to see more clearly, when I’m out among new people. If I’m nervous I will choose to use jewelry with amethyst to wear, they came me down, so I don’t feel so unsafe among other people.

I love to create jewelry with the amethyst, as can have several colors and forms. The purple color is my favorite, why I often use amethyst.


Creativity flourishes


Today at our walk in the neighborhood I saw this beautiful olive-tree, filled with growing olives. So very life-affirming…  To sit and meditate close to the tree gives so much inner peace. We have so many nice flowers and trees here, it is difficult to choose the most beautiful of them to show you.

Yesterday I became so inspired, and created jewelry all the evening. You can see one of them here and some others will be visible under Jewelry.

Black heart

Golden earrings with snow obsidian

I did also photograph Odin again, he is growing so fast, soon he will be 4 months old. Odin is really a wonderful puppy, so happy, looking like a mountain goat, when he is jumping around. This photo you may find in About.

I wish you all a very nice Friday, remember to enjoy your life…

Feeling excited!

So I am slowly learning how to make a blog, looking around in the many possibilities to find something that suits me. I ended up choosing a lot of colors because I like to keep it happy and joyful 🙂

I guess that a lot of my inspiration comes from meditation and the time I spend with the people and animals that I love. Even though I like making all sorts of jewelry, I guess you can quickly see, that my favourite is making earrings. For some time I have had a dream to see if I could turn it into a business, but I guess a little more time will tell. Now I have this site, and I’m pretty excited about it.

Also, I would really love having some response from my readers. As you know I am completely new in this, so tips and helpful comments are more than welcome. And if you’re also making jewelry yourself, you can leave a comment, and I will check out your site too.

Happy day to all of you!
– Irene.

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