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New move in Spain – 2 Photos


Sunsets seen against south in Spain

Dear Reader

I’m going to move house in the coming week, so I will not be able to either post or read so many blog posts in the coming week. There will come some posts with my jewelry, as I need to schedule to get time enough for the move

I will follow up best possible, when I keep breaks in the move

I’m looking forward to photograph the sunrise, as I will be able to see from my balcony in the new house and hope that you will enjoy too. The photos today I took over the Mediterranean Sea and I just love the colorful sky


Remember to live and enjoy your life every day


Winter walk in Spain – 6 Photos


It is also Winter in Spain now even we don’t have the same cold weather as usual here this time at the year. The Mediterranean Sea have been very quiet for a long time. Here you can see a little life with waves

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them


Odin and I at one of our walks. There are planted salads and artichokes and we walk at the soil roads between the vegetables


Many are walking with dogs in the area and Odin is always happy to catch the new smellings


You can see the mountains in the background, they are far away from here and my mobile camera has problems to catch them good even we I zoom




Few minutes later the sun gives more light

I hope that you enjoyed our walk in Spain


Movement again in Spain


Sunrise in Spain today the 31. of December 2015

It is a while ago, since I wrote a more personal post. I have been busy with planning my future, while I still try to live in the moment, which I find being a big challenge.

As I have wrote about before, it is not easy to be the renter of houses here in Spain. I can’t just live in one place for longer time, because of the rules with the contracts and because of the conditions of the houses, as I have been renting here.

Now I have found another place to live and will be moving last in January 2016. I have started packing and cleaning out, what doesn’t serve me any longer of my material things. I give away so much as possible and the rest I place beside our trash for others to take, if they should need it.

I will come to live in an apartement, close to where I live now, usual used as tourist apartement in July & August, why I also need to move again in last in June. It is okay with me and I hope to be ready to go to Germany in that time.

I will get a balcony out to the Mediterannean Sea, from where I can see the Sunrise and have sun much at the day. I’m specially looking forward to photograph some great photos, while I enjoy my morning coffee out there 😀

2015 has been a challenging year for me. Much has happened, best of all I have found myself again after long time, where I was without knowledge of how I wished to live my life.

I have been thinking a lot to find my dreams and to find out, how to realize these dreams.

This year I have found new way to create jewelry and opened one more online shop, this time at Handmade at Amazon, from where I got an invitation to open a shop, which is a big challenge and an even more big job. This is okay, it is fun to try something new and to jump my own limits. This can feel scaring sometimes, but I grow every time, so good enough.

I hope to be able to write more at my blog in the coming year and also show more photos of the beautiful area in Spain, where I live. This is some of my new goals 😀

Wish all of you a Happy New Year and thank you very much for your friendships in this year 😀


Sunrise & Odin at the Beach in Spain – 10 Photos


We had a beautiful morning today and I decided to let Odin swim in the Mediterranean Sea from our beach. It is long time ago, that Odin had a chance to swim here because of the many tourists, as have been here in the Summer.

As you might know, we need to use Spot-On at Odin every 3. week here to avoid him to be sick by insect bites etc.There are several kind of sickness, as dogs here easy get and some die for those, which is very sad, when it is possible to avoid. I can only let Odin swim, just before his new Spot-On and then again in 3 weeks.

As you can see at the photos, Odin enjoyed his swimming and playing with balls in the water. I didn’t zoom today, but you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them. Here you also better see the beach and the area in same time


wpid-wp-1444397992323.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397979531.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397951406.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397943706.jpeg

wpid-wp-1444397931261.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397925400.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397921697.jpeg


I hope that you enjoyed


Sunrise in Spain Today – 12 Photos


After many days with cloudy weather here, I found a beautiful blue sky, when we went out at our walk in the morning

Remember that you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them

wpid-wp-1444202252864.jpeg wpid-wp-1444202246676.jpeg wpid-wp-1444202223194.jpeg






Odin enjoy to stay by the Mediterranean Sea even it is not for swimming




I hope that you enjoyed to join us


Sunrise & Cloud Formations in Spain – 9 Photos


The sunrise and cloud formations this morning over the Mediterranean Sea

Remember that you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them








Odin enjoy his break


The beach was empty for swimming people this morning. Often many are swimming in early morning here

I hope that you enjoyed


Sunrise at our Morning Walk in Spain – 5 Photos


I saw the sun clearly here, just before the clouds took over


Odin enjoy his time in the nature


As you can see, there were dark clouds. The Mediterranean Sea looked more quiet today after many days with big waves


It looks like we will have a cloudy day, but maybe not much rain 😀


It was possible to see more of the sun in the sea, I hope we will get nice weather today

I hope that you enjoyed


Morning walk in Spain – 6 Photos


The autumn is clearly to see today. The waves are high and the clouds show that we will get more rain


Odin enjoy a break


A little of the sunrise, before the clouds took over


Odin is ready to go on now



As you can see, the sea is alive here now

I hope that you enjoyed


Beach & Rainbow


It is really become Autumn in Spain now. We get more rain, heavy weather and the waves are very big


When the waves are so big, it is a little dangerous to come too close to them, why Odin and I kept ourselves in a little distance


There were heavy rain for short time and then I saw this rainbow


Just went out of the house to take these photos

I hope, that you enjoyed


Morning Walk & Sunrise in Spain – 10 Photos


Odin is keeping an eye, if there should arrive other dog friends in the early morning


First sign of the sunrise this morning


I took photos of the sunrise many places at our walk, it was so amazing to see and I was not so lucky to get any photos last night of the Blood Moon


Odin in his playing ground


The sun was really red and beautiful here, difficult to catch


Sunrise seen from the field


Here I zoomed to see


Our walk against the Mediterranean Sea


Odin did jump for a candy and I found it fun to take a photo


Sunrise seen from the beach


I hope that you enjoyed our morning walk in our part of Spain


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