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Sunrise today in Spain – 17 Photos


We had a chilly night this night, where I live in Spain. There were 10 C. – 50 F. when I woke up 5 am. This gave us a clear sky and a beautiful sunrise, as you can see from our morning walk around in the area

Remember that you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them

wpid-wp-1444550304720.jpeg wpid-wp-1444550296212.jpeg wpid-wp-1444550101775.jpeg wpid-wp-1444550094990.jpeg wpid-wp-1444550083559.jpeg wpid-wp-1444550075560.jpeg wpid-wp-1444550069956.jpeg wpid-wp-1444550062327.jpeg wpid-wp-1444550050940.jpeg

Odin at our morning walk

wpid-wp-1444550046663.jpeg wpid-wp-1444549856894.jpeg

The Mediterranean Sea showed a nice view


wpid-wp-1444549849589.jpeg wpid-wp-1444549845948.jpeg wpid-wp-1444549842134.jpeg wpid-wp-1444549834607.jpeg

I hope that you enjoyed


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