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Movement again in Spain


Sunrise in Spain today the 31. of December 2015

It is a while ago, since I wrote a more personal post. I have been busy with planning my future, while I still try to live in the moment, which I find being a big challenge.

As I have wrote about before, it is not easy to be the renter of houses here in Spain. I can’t just live in one place for longer time, because of the rules with the contracts and because of the conditions of the houses, as I have been renting here.

Now I have found another place to live and will be moving last in January 2016. I have started packing and cleaning out, what doesn’t serve me any longer of my material things. I give away so much as possible and the rest I place beside our trash for others to take, if they should need it.

I will come to live in an apartement, close to where I live now, usual used as tourist apartement in July & August, why I also need to move again in last in June. It is okay with me and I hope to be ready to go to Germany in that time.

I will get a balcony out to the Mediterannean Sea, from where I can see the Sunrise and have sun much at the day. I’m specially looking forward to photograph some great photos, while I enjoy my morning coffee out there 😀

2015 has been a challenging year for me. Much has happened, best of all I have found myself again after long time, where I was without knowledge of how I wished to live my life.

I have been thinking a lot to find my dreams and to find out, how to realize these dreams.

This year I have found new way to create jewelry and opened one more online shop, this time at Handmade at Amazon, from where I got an invitation to open a shop, which is a big challenge and an even more big job. This is okay, it is fun to try something new and to jump my own limits. This can feel scaring sometimes, but I grow every time, so good enough.

I hope to be able to write more at my blog in the coming year and also show more photos of the beautiful area in Spain, where I live. This is some of my new goals 😀

Wish all of you a Happy New Year and thank you very much for your friendships in this year 😀


Vary/Very – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Now where the Spring is sprung and the sun is more visible, I will start to vary, how many posts I will upload daily. I love to stay outside, when the weather is so much better. I enjoy to be able to drink my coffee at the terrace and do a little in the garden, when I have the abundance. Otherwise just sit in the sun and enjoy my life.

Both Odin, Bølle & Hvide are very happy to enjoy the sunshine outside in our garden. The change their positions from sun to shadow, when it gets too warm. But it is very easy to see their joy to be able to stay outside and enjoy the warm now.

We have had around 22 degrees C. (71,6 F.) the last days here and I don’t need so warm clothe, when I go out with Odin any longer. Really nice 😀

I’m also looking very much forward to next month, where I will get visit by my son from Denmark. I haven’t seen him for almost 3 years now. I was so lucky to have visit by my daughter one year ago, who lives in Germany, which I enjoyed so very much. Now I’m looking forward to see my son here. In this time I will not be so much online because I want to spend my time together with my son, while I can.

For a while I have been thinking a lot about, what I wish to do with my life. I have been much in doubt, if I wished to stay here in Spain, where I don’t feel at home. Maybe because I miss my family and I wish to stay more close to them. Still I did not decide for sure, what I wish to do and what is possible for me to do. I’m tired of movements, I have had 5 here in almost 3 years, which is much too many. But it is very difficult to find a house, where the things inside is function, without fungus, with water and electricity and a garden and not too far away from everything.

I don’t wish to live in the middle of a city, but just outside is fine with me. I need to be able to use a bus and train, when I need to and all this for a fair price is not easy to find, but not impossible. I just demands time to find and then a hope to find a fair Owner, who wish to rent out for more than one year at a time. I would prefer at least 3-5 years. Then it could be possible to find peace without need to think about next movement all the time.

How often do you move house? Not all can afford to buy their own house.



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you find here:

Linda wrote:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: vary/very. Use one, use ’em both, add stuff to ’em, your choice. Have a blast!

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My new area in Spain

Orange Vinaros october

Orange Tree in October in Spain 2014

If you use to read my blog, you know I just moved again and this time from Catalonia to Spain, which is very different for an expat like me. Catalonia is yet a part of Spain even they wish independence and work for this. My first two years in Spain I lived in Catalonia and this time I choosed to go more south, why I left Catalonia and went to Castellòn in Spain.

The orange tree as you see here, I saw in the morning and wanted to show you, how far they are now. Not ready for enjoy yet.

Beach Vinaros 01 october

Here you can see a part of the beach with both houses, rocks & beach

After we have been playing with balls and practice how to behave with Odin in the morning, we walk to the beach, where we are able to follow the beach through the rocks, some places more easy to walk than others and very beautiful.

Beach Vinaros october

Another part of the beach seen short before sunset

We walk both in the morning and in the evening as the weather are here now. Still to warm in the middle of the day for Odin so we wait a little while yet with our walk in this hours.

Odin Vinaros night

Odin love the beach, no matter which hour, but in daytime he is allowed to swim after our playing

Sunset Vinaros 01

Close to sunset seen from the beach here

Sunset red Vinaros

Sunset few minuts after last photo

Nice moon Vinaros october

Full moon seen from the beach

I did photograph a lot more, but not all photos of the moon went out, as I would like to. They were moving, so it was difficult to see, if it at all was the moon, but I was lucky and got few good ones 😀

I hope you did enjoy to see a little from my new area in Spain. I enjoy the walks here so much. The beach is for me a wonderful place for meditation and just enjoy living.


Movement – This post is a part of SoCS

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

I think, that I’m getting in a better shape with all my movements. Now I have stairs up to my atelier, which give me a lot of exercise, when all my stuff need to find their new place. Boxes to carry up and down helps me to keep myself in a better shape.

I live now 300 meter from the Sea, so Odin and I walk there every day. We start our walks in nature areas, where he can run for himself without problems and we can play balls or practice how to behave. Then we continue to the sea, where he is allowed to swim, if he feel for that. There are not many tourists here now and there are beaches, where Odin are allowed to stay too, which we enjoy a lot. This help us to stay in a good shape.

I try to remember my camera, when we walk here and I have got some great photos as I will show you in few days, they need to be ready for print first. Here is beautiful with rocks and just to be able to view over the sea is so wonderful and peaceful. It is a special feeling to stand and look out over the sea and it just continue so far away.

I’m moved from Catalonia to Spain and yes it is very different, like two independent countries. I have only been here for about 3 weeks now so I still have a lot to learn.

I hope you did enjoy to read, it was fun to join.



Todays prompt is Shape

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Peace at Etsy

Beautiful Gold Hook Earrings with Peace by IreneDesign2011 in my Etsy shop

Do you like these earrings? I would love to know, thank you 😉

I have been without internet for some days, but this is now working again.
The movement has been tough and even I have much experience with many movements, I still forget this.

Wish all of you a great day or night, where ever you are in our world.

New movement


Odin enjoy to visit the beach and play both in the water and beside

I needed to find a new house and have been busy in my searching and found a very nice house. Got the contract and keys yesterday so I will be very busy for a time now.

I will need to pack and prepare the movement, I wish it was already ended now, it is so tough to move so much, as I have been doing here in Spain. I could really use a lot of extra energy now.

I will get both water in the pipes and electricity in the house, which I’m looking very much forward to.

I hope that you will forgive me not respond so much at your blogs, before the movement is ended. I will try my best still to write posts at my blog, but don’t think there will be so much extra time right now.

You will see photos and hear more about the new house and area soon.

Enjoy your blogging.

Green Fluorite & Silver

Silver hooks green fluorite frame


Beautiful Silver Hook Earrings with Green Fluorite


What do you think? I would like to know.

You can find these and other beautiful Jewelry & Accessories in my Etsy Shop


My movement is ended now and I thought that I could continue my blog now, but unfortunately I got some problems with my PC, as I need to have fixed, before I´m able to use it again. I hope for your patience in the meanwhile. I miss to read and comment at all your blogs.


I wish all of you a Happy Easter, no matter how you choose to enjoy your days.




Update of my movement

Dear Readers & Followers

Thank you for your patience. I don’t have internet yet, but hope to get this very soon.

I use a local café, where they have wi-fi and hope to be able to start my blog up again very soon. I’m looking forward to follow all of your updates inhere very soon again.

Wish all of you a wonderful day,



We are on the way to another house, and I don’t know, when I will be online for sure again. Count about next week, but for now, I don’t know. I will try to follow all of you, so good as possible, but please forgive me, my movement can take a little more time, than expected.

In the mean while, just enjoy your life. If you are not happy, try to find out, what is needed for you to be happy, then how to realize it. I promise you, your life is this worth.

See you a.s.a.p.


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