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Nature in Spain T-shirt

Today I will show you a T-shirt with a motive, as I photographed in a trip here in pain.Ā  It is possible to choose between several T-shirt models for both her and him

What do you think about this T-shirt? Please let me know, thank you šŸ™‚

You are welcome to visit my Zazzle Shop for many different ideas

Smile every day


Design from Spain at Zazzle

Today I will show you some products from my new Zazzle Shop and I hope you will like these. You are welcome to visit my shop.

Please tell me, what you think about these designs, thank you šŸ™‚

Enjoy a beautiful day


Nature Walk in Spain – 8 Photos


Odin and I are walking in different places, I try to change a little, so there are new smelling experiences for him every day


We are walking close to sunset time, then we have a comfortable temperature, also for Odin. Otherwise it can still be too hot for him


Odin heard a sound here and were very concentrated šŸ™‚


Sunset through the trees


As you can see, much here are yellow because of not much rain for months


Odin found some interesting smelling


A very happy Odin ā¤


We hope, that you enjoyed our walk too


Walk in the nature in Spain – 13 Photos


Odin and I went out for a walk in an area, where there still are some green nature to see. Much here are yellow now, not because of the autumn, but because we haven’t got much rain for months. We walked in a very raw area. As you might know, we do have wild animals here too, like lizards, spiders, snakes, rabbits etc. why good shoes or boots are necessary. Some of them are dangerous to get close to


I hope, that you enjoyed our late walk yesterday šŸ™‚


Rainbows in Spain – 5 Photos

Rainbow 5

For a long while, we have had hot temperatures here in Spain, up to 38- 42 CĀ  –Ā  102 – 108 F

Rainbow 4

Two days ago, we started to have thunder, lightning and rain

Rainbow 3

No matter the weather, Odin needs his time outside, so we went out for walking and playing even it was cold because of the heavy wind

Rainbow 2

When we came back home and inside the garden, I turned around and saw these amazing rainbows yesterday

Rainbow 1

Short time after, the sky became more blue, just before the rainbows disappeared again. These rainbows were the cold walk worth šŸ™‚

What do you think?


Flower Walk in Spain – 18 Photos

Amarylis 1

Amaryllis & Lily

When we are out walking, we find so many amazing and beautiful flowers, as I hope, you will enjoy too šŸ˜€

Borago 1

Borago, the flowers are great in salad and they look amazing at serving

Bourgonvilla 2

Bougainvillea in Pink/Purple

Bourgonvilla 4

Bougainvillea in almost Red

Flower bush 3

Wildflowers, I don’t know their name

Hibiscus 1


Pink flower 2

Pink Wildflowers

Pink flower 3

Pink flowers 3

Pink flowers 6

These pink flowers looks amazing beside the Mediterranean Sea

Pink Purple flowers 2

Here they are in both pink and purple

Pink Purple flowers 4

Purple flowers 1

Purple thistle 1


White flower 1

White Wild Rose

Wild flowers 2

Here follow more Wildflowers

Yellow flower 2

Yellow flowers 1

I hope, that you enjoyed our walk


Roses – 10 Photos

Rose 18

As you might know, I have not been able to do much at my PC for a while, because of problems with either hacking or malware. I got help, which I will write a post about for you to know, if you wish to avoid same kind of challenges, as I have had

I haven’t been able to post my photo-posts in this time, why I will do my best to follow up again with photos from my walks here in Spain

I hope, that you will enjoy the roses too šŸ˜€

Rose 08Rose 14Rose 07Rose 10Rose 09Rose 23Rose 26Rose 25Rose 20

Wish all of you a beautiful day


Roses – 6 Photos

Rose 07

Today I will show you more roses from our shared garden. I find them amazing and enjoy their beauty so much, every time I pass them

Rose 09

Rose 10

Rose 19

Rose 14

Rose 08

I hope, that you enjoyed the roses


Walk in our part of Spain – 12 Photos

Bourgonvilla 1

This time we started our walk in the shared garden, where we found this Bougainvillea

Odin 05

Happy Odin shows his patience, while I wish to photograph much today

Sunflower 1

This beautiful Sunflower lives in a private garden

Purple flowers 2

I chose to show you a lot of our wild flowers, as we find at our walks in our part of Spain

Pink flower and bee 1

We have also Bee’s here in Spain

Pink flowers 2

Pink Purple flowers 1

Bourgonvilla 5

Yellow flower 1

One more Bee šŸ˜€

Wild flowers 1

Odin 02

Yellow flowers 2

I hope, that you enjoyed our walk


Roses – 5 photos

Rose 01

We have had much rain and cloudy weather the last week here in Spain. When it is not raining, it is good light for photography and I will show you more roses from our shared garden, where I live

Rose 02

Rose 03

Rose 04

Rose 05

I hope, that you enjoyed our beautiful roses


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