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Dear Readers & New Followers


Sunrise in a cloudy morning in October in Spain

Dear Readers & New Followers

For my readers, I will ask you a favor; I have experienced to get into WP’s spam jail in several cases in the last week, which I don’t understand, I use to write personal comments, also to avoid this jail. Will you kindly check out your spam mail and assure to free me from this jail, if you also find me in there? I appreciate my freedom so very much πŸ™‚

For new readers, I have some advice, if you wish to get new readers and followers; Visit a lot of blogs, like and comment at posts before you just decide to follow a new blog. What I see, when you just become a new follower of my blog, without even have liked one single post, you just wish me to follow back, which I will not do in this way.

If you wish to connect with me, then comment at my posts and I will visit your blog too and maybe also like and comment at your posts, if I find something interesting.

I have been blogging since May 2013 and I do follow many blogs, more than 700, which are many blogs to try to follow up with. I do also sort out sometimes, because the blogger change their theme or they way of blogging, so I don’t find the blog interesting for me any longer. We are all developing by time, which is very natural.

I don’t follow new blogs very often any longer. I visit, maybe like and comment in many blogs, as I don’t follow, for a long time, before I decide to maybe follow this blogger. Of course there are few exceptions, if your blog are very attractive to me, maybe we share some interests or the blog is one, as I can’t resist to follow.

When you have been blogging for long time, you will get better understanding of, what I write about here. I find it rude not to visit the bloggers, as I do follow, at least sometimes. If I choose just to follow all of you back, I will never get a chance to visit the ones, as I already are following.

I do know and remember, how difficult it can feel to be a new blogger in our blogging world and just wish to get a lot of followers. This is something, as we need to earn, just like respect. Nothing is given by itself, we need to do something ourselves first.

If you write or create interesting posts, then visit and comment at others blog, you will start to connect in our wonderful community. From there you will get new followers by time. The better posts as you bring at your blog, the more followers you will get.

I do really hope to bring some understanding to new souls in our blogging world. You are more than welcome in here and we all love to connect with new souls.

Peace & Love to all of you


Please vote for the new SoCS badge

Extra New Shop

Dear Reader

As I told you short time ago, I have been working a lot to be able to open my new shop, which is a big job, it takes a lot of time to get several jewelry ready for sale, when I also wished to create something in new style without loosing my personal way of creating jewelry.

I really hope that you will visit my NEW SHOP and tell me, what you think about it. And if you have any ideas you are very welcome to share them here.

There will come more jewelry up there by time.

Thank you for your visit


Pink Pearls & Silver


Beaut8ful Handmade Silver Hook Earrings with Pink Pearls by IreneDesign2011 in my Etsy shop

Are these earrings an idea for you? Please let me know, thank you πŸ˜‰

Wish you a happy day


Welcome and thank you !


Photos from my area in Spain


Welcome to all my new followers, I hope you will find it worth visiting my blog.Β 

Thank you very much to all of you, who have gifted me with wonderful awards. I’m happy to receive all of them. Know that you are very appreciated.

For all of you to know, my internet connection is limited and it takes a lot of time to post about awards, so this has to wait until April, where I will have my network back for full time again.

For my new followers this means, that I will visit all of you and maybe also follow you, if I find your blog just as interesting, as you found mine. Please be patient – and I will come back.

Thank you again – to all of you.

Wish you an amazing weekend.



Amazing Silver Bracelet with Tigers Eye

Amazing Silver Bracelet with Tigers Eye

Here I used 2 shapes of Tigers Eye, one formed and one facetted. What do you think?
I would love to know.

You can find this and a lot of beautiful jewelry and accessories in my Etsy Shop at:

Have a nice day.


Handmade Bracelet in New Design

Handmade Bracelet in New Design

Really beautiful silver bracelet with White Coral. What do you think? Do you like it?
I would really appreciate to know.

You can find this and other amazing jewelry and accessories in my Etsy Shop at:

If you are in doubt about your size in bracelet, check out my last post.

Enjoy your day.




Citrine is an anti-stress gemstone. Good for let me came down, when I need to.

Citrine is a very used gemstone to exam situations. It helps us to take away the nervous feelings and be better to center us selves. The feelings of satisfaction and confidence will arrive more easy, which is optimal in many situations in our lives.

One thing, we need to have in mind, when we buy a citrine, is that many of them are fakes. They are amethysts, as have been warmed up to get the yellow color. Hold it up in the light, then you will see, if there are any kind of purple color inside, then you know, it is a fake citrine. It needs to be yellow and clearly.

I use the citrine, when I need to see the good in my life, and it is working fast for me. I take the citrine in my hand, close the hand to feel the citrine, open again and look at it, then I hold it up to the daylight and see through it. After a while I feel so much better inside.

Citrine helps me to get the overview and helps me to see more realistic at the life, which is not one of my best skills, but I work on it…..

Someone I know, use to call the citrine: New beginnings, and I will give her the right here.

If you have any questions about, how I use my gemstones, you are welcome to ask.

Happy New Year

I wish all of you a Happy New Year and I’m looking forward to see, what 2014 will bring us all.

Thank you for your continued support at my blog, I really appreciate this.Β 

Thank you for all my new friends at WordPress. Wish all of you a wonderful New Year.


Feeling excited!

So I am slowly learning how to make a blog, looking around in the many possibilities to find something that suits me. I ended up choosing a lot of colors because I like to keep it happy and joyful πŸ™‚

I guess that a lot of my inspiration comes from meditation and the time I spend with the people and animals that I love. Even though I like making all sorts of jewelry, I guess you can quickly see, that my favourite is making earrings. For some time I have had a dream to see if I could turn it into a business, but I guess a little more time will tell. Now I have this site, and I’m pretty excited about it.

Also, I would really love having some response from my readers. As you know I am completely new in this, so tips and helpful comments are more than welcome. And if you’re also making jewelry yourself, you can leave a comment, and I will check out your site too.

Happy day to all of you!
– Irene.

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