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Blue Opalite


Blue Opalite is a very powerful gemstone.It is shiny as pearls or shells and help us with its energy to find our way and purpose in life

Blue Opalite is Blue-Green and belong to both the Heart- & Throat Chakra

I use it, when I feel a need a little down and need a push to get up again. I know, that some people find it to heavy to work with, it works quite directly. Again will I say, that the gemstone’s energy, as we need here and now, we will feel attracted to. Some gemstones seems to catch our attention for a long while and others only for short time, it is about listening to our intuition


When we don’t need a gemstone any longer, we will more or less forget it for a time. Earlier in my life I was very attracted to Black Onyx, as I felt was the perfect for me, why I bought a necklace filled with Black Onyx. After having used it for some time, daily use, I forgot it one day on the way out of the door. I felt so bad and went back to pick it up and place it around my neck. It was very difficult to place it that day, but I continued, because I loved its energy. Few hours later at my job, it broke totally and I could crawl around to find all the gemstones

Since that time I haven’t been wearing so much Black Onyx in one time

Smile every day



Blue Opalite for Progress

Today I will show you a Mug from my new Collection: Blue Opalite for Progress

I would love to hear, what you think about this, thank you 🙂

You are welcome to visit my Zazzle Shop for more ideas

Wish you a wonderful day


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