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New movement


Odin enjoy to visit the beach and play both in the water and beside

I needed to find a new house and have been busy in my searching and found a very nice house. Got the contract and keys yesterday so I will be very busy for a time now.

I will need to pack and prepare the movement, I wish it was already ended now, it is so tough to move so much, as I have been doing here in Spain. I could really use a lot of extra energy now.

I will get both water in the pipes and electricity in the house, which I’m looking very much forward to.

I hope that you will forgive me not respond so much at your blogs, before the movement is ended. I will try my best still to write posts at my blog, but don’t think there will be so much extra time right now.

You will see photos and hear more about the new house and area soon.

Enjoy your blogging.

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