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Full Moon seen from my garden

When I look back at my life, I see a lot of experiences, some very good and some less good. We need to experience both to appreciate a good life.

I have never wished to end up my time in this life with regrets. When I come so far, I hope, that I will be able to say; Yes, you did try a lot in this life and you did learn much, but there will be no regrets.

Without having the courage to do something different, it will be difficult to develop ourselves. Sometimes we need to just jump out, where we don’t know, if we will drown or we will raise again. I will not say, this always have been easy, but it was never boring and without these experiences, I would not have been the soul, as I am today.

Of course there are experiences, as I would like to have been without, but that is life, whatever I liked it or not. I did grow by my mistakes and I learned not to repeat the same mistakes, so now on to the next…..

Some young people have a dream about creating a family and maybe buy a house and live there for their lifetime. This life will also give challenges, just in another way. These people often wish to live close to family and friends and don’t have dreams about seeing and living in other places in the world or doing a difference in our world. They are satisfied with this kind of life, which is good for them.

Other young people have big dreams about traveling and living different places in our world. Work several places and maybe one day also create a family far away from everything well known to them. They don’t have the feeling of belonging only one place, but wish to challenge themselves to learn new all the time.

Even we pass our youth, it is still allowed to have dreams and who is to tell us, that these dreams are not possible? Only ourselves.

Sometimes life decide for us and maybe we were not awake to make better decisions, while we were young and maybe also more naive. We don’t need to give up our dreams, even they will demand some hard work and life-changing acts by us, before they can come true. It is not impossible, it is all about, how much do your dream means to you? Are you willing to do, what is needed to do, to be able to live out your dream? If not, your dreams are utopia and not realistic.

If you really have a dream, why not do your best to live your dream?

Many years ago, when I started to get problems with my health, I started dreaming again. I dreamed about, how I would love to live in a place with much sun, nice temperatures and not so ice-cold winters. This could maybe be possible, when I became old enough to be a pensioner, I thought.

Destiny showed up, before I thought this possible, actually many years before usual age for being pensioner. My health became worse and I have had my part of heavy challenges in life and together this made me in need to become an early pensioner.

Few years after I became a pensioner, my dreams went from being dreams to a possible reality. My economy was secured for surviving, almost no matter where I would like to go. I lived inside EU, where there are rules for the inhabitants about, where it is allowed to move to and in same time bringing your own pension.

As you might know, I chose to move to Spain. It was very different for me and filled with lots of challenges. I didn’t speak Spanish, but other languages, as I thought could be usable until I learned Spanish. New experience – not many Spanish people are speaking more than Spanish. So I had much new to learn.

Today I live here without a very good Spanish, but I’m learning all the time. So no matter where in the world we are living, there will come challenges. Some people might call this problems – but I prefer to call it challenges. For me this has a more positive sound.

To stay positive also in the middle of challenges, help so much to keep up the good mood. Nothing is eternal, tomorrow will be a new day with new experiences, if we wish to – of course.


Sunrise in my Zazzle Shop

Today I will show you another Sunrise, as I find beautiful. What do you think?

You can find other items in my Zazzle Shop, please tell me, if you like, thank you 🙂

Wish you a beautiful day


My new area in Spain

Orange Vinaros october

Orange Tree in October in Spain 2014

If you use to read my blog, you know I just moved again and this time from Catalonia to Spain, which is very different for an expat like me. Catalonia is yet a part of Spain even they wish independence and work for this. My first two years in Spain I lived in Catalonia and this time I choosed to go more south, why I left Catalonia and went to Castellòn in Spain.

The orange tree as you see here, I saw in the morning and wanted to show you, how far they are now. Not ready for enjoy yet.

Beach Vinaros 01 october

Here you can see a part of the beach with both houses, rocks & beach

After we have been playing with balls and practice how to behave with Odin in the morning, we walk to the beach, where we are able to follow the beach through the rocks, some places more easy to walk than others and very beautiful.

Beach Vinaros october

Another part of the beach seen short before sunset

We walk both in the morning and in the evening as the weather are here now. Still to warm in the middle of the day for Odin so we wait a little while yet with our walk in this hours.

Odin Vinaros night

Odin love the beach, no matter which hour, but in daytime he is allowed to swim after our playing

Sunset Vinaros 01

Close to sunset seen from the beach here

Sunset red Vinaros

Sunset few minuts after last photo

Nice moon Vinaros october

Full moon seen from the beach

I did photograph a lot more, but not all photos of the moon went out, as I would like to. They were moving, so it was difficult to see, if it at all was the moon, but I was lucky and got few good ones 😀

I hope you did enjoy to see a little from my new area in Spain. I enjoy the walks here so much. The beach is for me a wonderful place for meditation and just enjoy living.


Dear Followers

Sunset seen in our area


Dear Reader & Followers

I have noticed that I have lost bloggers, as I used to follow. I do follow many blogs and not all are posting daily, so it takes a little time before I find out, who I am missing posts from in my Reader.

I think this might be a mistake from WordPress, but I don’t like to miss my good blogs, just because they make some mistakes.

If I did follow you before and don’t do it now, please give me a message, so I can follow you again.

I didn’t stop following any blogs and I try my best to read so much as possible and comment, when I have something to say. I appologize if I lost your blog in that way.


Dear New Followers

I’m very happy and feel honored to see so many new followers. I will visit your blogs so soon I have the time. I follow back, if your blog seems interesting for me. We can’t all have the same interests so please don’t feel bad, if I don’t follow back. I will still visit your blog again.

I hope for your patience, thank you and Welcome to IreneDesign2011.


I wish you a wonderful day/night after where you are in our world.


Carneol & Roses

Handmade Silver Earrings with Facetted Carneol & Roses by IreneDesign2011

Silver Hook Earrings with Facetted Carneol & Roses


What do you think? I would like to know, thank you 😀

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Live every day like it was the last, we never know when…..


Chrysocolla & Roses

Handmade Silver Earrings with Striped Gemstone & Flower by IreneDesign2011

Beautiful Silver Hook Earrings with Chrysocolla & Roses


Do you like them? I would really like to know, thank you 😀

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Be happy and enjoy your day,


Ruby Hearts

Handmade Silver Earrings with Chain & Ruby Hearts by IreneDesign2011

Beautiful Silver Hook Earrings with Silver Chain & Ruby Heart


Do you like them? I would love to know, thank you 😀 

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Enjoy an amazing week,


Morganite & Flower

Handmade Silver Earrings with Morganite & Flower by IreneDesign2011

Beautiful Silver Hook Earrings with Morganite & Flower


What do you think? I would really like to know, thank you 😀

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I hope you all have a great weekend, 


Flying Emotions – This post is a part of SoCS


My emotions do often look like this sea


I feel, that I’m in a powerful personal development at this time. I try to remember everything as needed to be done, but it is not easy. My mind fly and my emotions follow in same way. It is sometimes very annoying.

I would like to be better to keep my concentration and to strength this I practise yoga and meditation.

I think that I have too many things going on in one time, so I need to slow down to avoid stress, which again creates bad concentration. I like to have a lot of projects going on, but sometimes I do have too many. It is not easy to admit, that I don’t have the same strength as when I was younger.

By age we become more mature, mostly of us, and with this do also follow more security and trust both to life and to ourselves. We have got to learn, what we are good to do and found some limits, where we never will be no. one.

I think this is okay, even I find it difficult to accept, when I can see, that this I’m not go at.

As some of you know, I love to be creative and produce a lot for myself.

  1.  It can be in the kitchen, where I prefer to bake my own bread and make our food from scratch, when I have the abundance
  2. Creating jewelry of many kinds
  3. Sew clothes and accessories
  4. Knitting, crochet and embroidery
  5. Paint pictures, where I have a lot to learn yet, but I love the process
  6. Work and learn new by help from my PC

I feel, that both my mind and my emotions are flying, I have so many things that I would like to do every day, but the day is not long enough and I don’t have either the needed energy or abundance for even half of my “wanted to make” projects. This result in some frustration, because I’m very good to write a list about, what I would like to have done, both for my house and to empty out in my taller, but of course also because I love to be creative.

Now I have started to make a list for a week or maybe for a month with what is needed to be done instead. Then I can make a mark, when I have done those things. This did help me a lot, so instead of feeling bad for what I did not do, I can just look at list and tell myself, that this list becomes shorter and shorter and feel satisfied for what is ended.

When I have something in my house, i really need to have done, I need not to go to my taller and start up anything, because I forget everything about time and place, when I work creative. So I use to do all the necessary things first and then I have free time for myself to do, what ever I feel for today.

So some days I create jewelry for many hours and make a collection of a kind and other times I create one jewelry that day. Up to my inspiration and abundance that day.

I think it is important to find a personal way for each of us to find out, how it is possible to use our days in the best way for us. I feel, that I have so many ideas, I would like to let out and try, but I need to end my old projects one by one first. Almost 😀

How do you plan your days, also to find time enough for doing what you really love to do? Speak out, maybe we can inspire each other and learn new. I would love to.

I hope you enjoyed reading. This prompt will continue in next weekend.



This post is part of SoCS:

The prompt for today is Emote

Blue Jade & Hearts

Handmade Silver Earrings with Blue Jade & Heart by IreneDesign2011

Beautiful Silver Hook Earrings with Blue Jade & Hearts


What do you think? I would really like to know, thank you 😀

You can find these and other beautiful Jewelry & Accessories in my Etsy Shop


Wish all of you a great week,


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