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Green Dream Dragon Fire Vein Agate – 2 Photos

Beautiful Handmade Silver Bracelet with Green Dream Dragon Fire Vein Agate

Beautiful Silver Bracelet with Green Dream Dragon Fire Vein Agate


Handmade Silver hook Earrings with Green Dream Dragon Fire Vein Agate

Beautiful Silver Hook Earrings with Green Dream Dragon Fire Vein Agate


Do you like those jewelry? I would love to know.

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Find your inner happiness and your life will feel renewed.


Do you have a lot of dreams?

ImagePhoto from my area in Spain


I hope you did think about, which dreams feel most important for you, since last weekend. Then we will continue;

We can all have the feeling, that the grass is greener in the neighbor garden. When we have this feeling, we need to look inside ourselves and see, what is wrong in my life now? What is possible to do to get a better feeling with my life? Try to think deeply about that, if you have this feelings.

Dreams are important, without them we are living deaths.

If you have a dream about buying your own house, you will need to find an economic solution for these. It can be everything from saving money, try to find one more job, be creative and sell your creations, offer your help to others best possible, then you will see, that you also will get help, when you need that. Not always in same order or with same humans, but everything we send out, will come back to us. The law about attraction are so very right, also here.

This was one part of the dream about buying your own house. There will be many goals to deal with, before you stand in your new house as an owner. This can take short time or it might take several years, but it is possible to fulfill your dream, if you really wish that.

First the money, then where in the world do wish to have a house? How big? Garden? Possibilities in the new area, are they good enough? And you can go on with all the small goals to reach your dream. All those small goals can lead you to your dream.

If you wish an education you will also need small goals to reach the dream. Different kind of schools etc.

Travelling require also planning. Economical and practical plans. If we try to split up our dreams in small goals, all is possible, when we look from our own life. Of course we need to be realistic too, but a dream can be reached in many ways.

What is your dream?

I will continue next weekend and hope, you will comment and join in here.



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The rule for today: Quantity


The Spring is comming to Spain – 2 photos

At one of the walks here I found this beautiful Almond Tree. It is just started flowering and I really love to see this. It is the first sign here, that the Spring is on the way. 

Image There are two trees here, but the big one is the most beautiful right now.

Image Here you can see the flowers at the Almond Tree closer to.

It is possible to get a good close up at my nature photos by double click them.

I’m really looking forward to the Spring. The Winter has been very cold here, without snow, but a lot of wind and cold. I love the sunshine in the Spring here, not too warm or cold. Just very comfortable.

Tomorrow I will show you some of my new creative designs of Jewelry, working at them now.

Enjoy our nature, it is really beautiful, no matter the weather, just we look to find.



Storm in Spain today – 3 photos

The last days, we have had a very mixed weather here in Spain. Yesterday evening and night silent rain, but for many hours. I will show you some photos from the area here photographed today. Enjoy…

ImageFrom the morning walk with Odin after all our rain, I found this scene.


ImageOdin keep his eyes at the trees in the forrest, as we have storm now.


Image The storm is pretty heavy here now, I was happy to be able to hold Odins line, while we walked in the open areas. Things are flying around in the streets and the animals are hiding themselves, which I do understand. I’m happy, that we don’t see this kind of weather too often here. We are used to wind, also a lot, but these storm is not for fun.

I hope, you enjoy to see a little from the area in Catalonia in Spain, where I live now.




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