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Full Moon seen from my garden

When I look back at my life, I see a lot of experiences, some very good and some less good. We need to experience both to appreciate a good life.

I have never wished to end up my time in this life with regrets. When I come so far, I hope, that I will be able to say; Yes, you did try a lot in this life and you did learn much, but there will be no regrets.

Without having the courage to do something different, it will be difficult to develop ourselves. Sometimes we need to just jump out, where we don’t know, if we will drown or we will raise again. I will not say, this always have been easy, but it was never boring and without these experiences, I would not have been the soul, as I am today.

Of course there are experiences, as I would like to have been without, but that is life, whatever I liked it or not. I did grow by my mistakes and I learned not to repeat the same mistakes, so now on to the next…..

Some young people have a dream about creating a family and maybe buy a house and live there for their lifetime. This life will also give challenges, just in another way. These people often wish to live close to family and friends and don’t have dreams about seeing and living in other places in the world or doing a difference in our world. They are satisfied with this kind of life, which is good for them.

Other young people have big dreams about traveling and living different places in our world. Work several places and maybe one day also create a family far away from everything well known to them. They don’t have the feeling of belonging only one place, but wish to challenge themselves to learn new all the time.

Even we pass our youth, it is still allowed to have dreams and who is to tell us, that these dreams are not possible? Only ourselves.

Sometimes life decide for us and maybe we were not awake to make better decisions, while we were young and maybe also more naive. We don’t need to give up our dreams, even they will demand some hard work and life-changing acts by us, before they can come true. It is not impossible, it is all about, how much do your dream means to you? Are you willing to do, what is needed to do, to be able to live out your dream? If not, your dreams are utopia and not realistic.

If you really have a dream, why not do your best to live your dream?

Many years ago, when I started to get problems with my health, I started dreaming again. I dreamed about, how I would love to live in a place with much sun, nice temperatures and not so ice-cold winters. This could maybe be possible, when I became old enough to be a pensioner, I thought.

Destiny showed up, before I thought this possible, actually many years before usual age for being pensioner. My health became worse and I have had my part of heavy challenges in life and together this made me in need to become an early pensioner.

Few years after I became a pensioner, my dreams went from being dreams to a possible reality. My economy was secured for surviving, almost no matter where I would like to go. I lived inside EU, where there are rules for the inhabitants about, where it is allowed to move to and in same time bringing your own pension.

As you might know, I chose to move to Spain. It was very different for me and filled with lots of challenges. I didn’t speak Spanish, but other languages, as I thought could be usable until I learned Spanish. New experience – not many Spanish people are speaking more than Spanish. So I had much new to learn.

Today I live here without a very good Spanish, but I’m learning all the time. So no matter where in the world we are living, there will come challenges. Some people might call this problems – but I prefer to call it challenges. For me this has a more positive sound.

To stay positive also in the middle of challenges, help so much to keep up the good mood. Nothing is eternal, tomorrow will be a new day with new experiences, if we wish to – of course.


-ing – This post is part of SoCS

SoCS badge 2015

Living in an often tough world is really a challenge. Even with a positive attitude and mind it can feel like too much sometimes.

We do all need to face the daily challenges and with a positive mind it is more easy to get through and over. Positive people do also have problems, they just don’t let them take all the attention, while negative people almost go totally down, when they face new problems. They are not always able to see solutions, why it also becomes more difficult to go through.

For a great part we are responsible for our own health and do also need to work mentally with ourselves, when we become very sick. An inner soul wash can be necessary to find a way out of this sickness. What worse is, when some of our beloved ones become very sick, then we are not responsible for their life, unless it is our kids, as we still are responsible for. It is very difficult to see and hear beloved ones become serious sick, we can’t do much to support them, if they don’t wish to listen. Or other people work against our way of help and support for the sick one. My thoughts goes out to a very dear friend in here, who is really fighting now. You know, who you are and know, that you are very loved.

We do all choose our own path in life, how we wish to live and also do this for real. Like when we were young and were filled with dreams for our future. Back then not many of us were so sick, as we often see, when we become older.

Back then we had dreams and when we think back for serious, how many of those dreams were lived out? Or did we allow others to close down our dreams and live their dreams instead? It is never too late to live out our dreams and they do change by years, so your dreams are possibly different today. Who are limiting you? Often it is yourself and if not, it is time to take responsibility for your our life and happiness now.

When I look at myself, I do see those limits too and most of all, I set up those limits for myself. Then I ask myself; What prevent you from doing this right now? Not much, I just need to kick myself most of the times.

Dreams can come true, if we really wish them to. I do have dreams, as I wish to live out. One day it is too late and I wish to be in front of that.

What about you and your dreams? Do you live out your dreams? What are you dreaming?



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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct 10/15

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Generosity or Stinginess


ImageThe sea shows power – from a beach close to me in Spain


Are you generous or stingy by nature?

I think, that all of us know people, who are behaving either very generous or very stingy. I don’t think, this is something, as we wish for anyone to be.

We can be generous in many ways:

We can choose to give our money away to help other souls. Fx. 3. part countries, homeless or some who really need our help.

We can give our attention to souls, who need one to listen to them or need one to help them with something.

We can smile to a stranger and be the one who make their day, we never know, what people are fighting with.

We can help someone to pass the road, maybe they walk bad or are very old and not able to run any longer.

We can choose to stay positive in our mind and not let other take us down with their bad mood and behavior, just smile, who can be mad at a soul as are giving them a big and honest smile?

We can choose to work for free to help people or animals in need.

I’m sure, that you can find much more to do to be generous.


When people are stingy, they often have a background for acting like that. There can be many reasons.

They will not give money away, even they can see other in need.

They will think more at themselves and don’t get why they should use time for other people.

They will not smile to a stranger – why should they? No one smile to them…

They will not just help a person in need to pass the street, because they don’t see those people, even they just passed them in the street.

They will choose to stay negative, because they don’t know anything else is possible.

They will not work for free, that would be wast of time for them to make their own money. They don’t get, that other could need help and if they do, they will find an excuse for not do anything to help.

I’m sure, that you can find a lot more for this one too.


When people are generous by nature, they give away with a loving heart, because they wish to be good souls and help others, who are in a less good situation. They will be generous with love and show their loved once, that they really appreciate them. They are not scared to smile and learn new souls to know. They act positive to new things and are easy to get to smile or laugh. They will show their love by doing things to make others be happy. They are more open-minded and willing to learn new. If their family or friends should be so lucky to win the big lottery, they will smile and give their congratulations and feel happy for the lucky people.

It is easy to like and love positive and generous souls, their mood and smile to the world show how they chose to live positive.


When people are stingy, they have problems with showing love and passion for anything. They seemed to live in their own little world without being willing to see or accept other ways of living. When we ask them for something, they often give us a bad attitude instead of a smile and if we ask them for help with something, they either can’t right now or they will find another excuse. They are not very smiling or easy to get in contact. When they show their love, you will feel they only give you a part and not the whole, as you deserve. They can learn new, but it will take longer time caused their negative attitudes and way of thinking. If anyone close to them win the big lottery, they will feel very bad and jealous. Why did they not win? They deserve it…

It is not so easy to like and love negative and stingy souls, their mood can take away your happiness.


It is a choice we all need to take, what ever we wish to live with positive attitudes or stay negative and sad all our life.

I choosed to stay positive, no matter I have a lot of reasons to be negative. I wish to live a happy life with joy and pleasure, to smile and laugh, to feel with other souls, no matter what kind of feelings it might be.

I can only choose for myself and then show other, how I live with happiness and smile. Then I just hope, they will wake up and find their own path one day. I try to be with positive souls, negative souls are sucking out my energy, as I need to be able to stay positive.


How do you choose to live your life? I would really like to know.




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