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Expect – This post is part of SoCS

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By life I have learned not to expect anything, just to be grateful, when humans behave in a kind way.

Earlier I did expect many things, such as mutual respect among humans or that all treated animals in a respectful way. This I don’t expect any longer, but I feel joy, when I see it is still happening.

By not expecting anything, I can only be positive surprised, when I see good acting by other humans.

Unfortunately many don’t know, what they say yes to, when they get an animal in their house, no matter it is a pet or other kind of animal. All animal kids are very cute and it is very easy to fall in love with them and wish to bring them to our home. If we have thought this through before acting, the animals can give us more unconditional love than we can find other places.

If a dog is on the wishing list as a pet, then there is several things to think about first like:

Can you afford to have a dog with both food, veterinary visits, vaccinations, spot-on, collars, leash, bowls, toys, bones, bed, blankets etc.? It is not cheap to have a dog

Who will be the responsible for feeding the dog? If only one are doing this, there are much better control, when and how much the dog will get to eat

Who will be the responsible for walking the dog? It is not enough to go out in the garden, even it is nice to have a garden, when you have animals. Dogs need to challenge their senses and to play with other dogs to be dog-social

Who will be responsible for the dog- training? The dog needs to learn to walk nice in a leash. It is not fun to walk a dog, while you are flying behind, because no one took the time to learn the dog, which you can not blaim the dog, if you didn’t use the needed time. Right here I see and have seen very bad behavior from humans, who think it is okay to hit, beat or kick the dog, when it doesn’t respond to your talking. It is never okay to hit a dog, but it is necessary to raise the dog, so it knows, how to behave in a good way

What are going to do with your dog, while you go on vacations? If you can’t bring the dog, then you need to find a good solution for what else to do, your dog can not stay home alone in your vacation. Here I have seen more bad behavior from humans who kill their dog or just leave it somewhere and don’t think more about that. This is not a good solution and if you can’t find a solution before you get the animal, don’t get the animal at all

Remember that animals are not toys, they are not for giving in the Christmas, they need peace, when they come to a new home to find themselves and learn you to know. If you wish to give an animal as a gift, then find another way.

If it is a dog, give the collar, leash, food bowls, books about dogs, dog bed etc. instead and talk about collecting the animal after the Christmas time, when there are peace in the house

If it is a cat, then you can give food bowls, books about cats, cat bed, toys, scratching tree etc. there are no need to get the cat, while there are no peace in the house, this will just scare the cat from beginning.

Cats need excactly the same security as the dogs for having a good forever home and humans, who will take good care of them in there life time, so please think, before you get a new family member

How do you have animals in your house?



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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct 3/15

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “expect/unexpected.”  Use either or both words in your post, or simply base your idea on them. Have fun!

Piece/Peace – This post is part of SoCS


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I prefer to live in peace without to much drama in my life. This is not always possible, but a very nice goal to reach for.

Some days ago I had a conversation, where I were reminded about Don Miguel Ruiz‘ book, The 4 Agreements.One of these agreements were

Don’t take anything personally,

Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projektion of their own reality. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

Sometimes we are projecting our own worries over to other souls, where we should learn to keep them to ourselves.

I will recommend a book, if you didn’t already read it. It is an eye-opener book. There are so many great authors out there and Don Miguel Ruiz is one of these.

I have also learned that my feelings belong to me and I need to be responsible for these. If I get mad or sad, it is still my feelings and not other to blaim, how I feel. Then I just need a little time to find myself.

It seems easy like a piece of cake to be responsible for our own mood and acting, but it is not always so easy, because we often let our emotions decide and start acting before we think.

Years ago I decided to stay happy, because I am the only one, who are responsible for my happiness.

I try my best to be grateful for all life brings up to me. Sometimes I don’t understand why I get tested so much, but I think it must be because I should learn something new to me. Before I sleep in the night, I think and tell myself, for what I were grateful for today and what I can do to be a better edition of myself tomorrow.

I try not to let anger run my life. Of course I can be mad, but it is my own responsibility to be good again.

When I wake up in the morning and enjoy my coffee, I listen to the birds singing and feel very happy and grateful for being able to enjoy their songs. The nature is amazing if we are awake to see and listen, when we walk outside. It can be a new flower, a tree is blooming, a rabbit is running etc.

Do you ever think about being grateful? Please share your thoughts!



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda at:

Linda wrote:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “piece/peace.” Make one or both your theme or just include them somehow in your post. Enjoy!

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