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Chances or Risks – This post is part of SoCS


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It is very different how we react at new challenges, some people se them as chances and others as risks.

We are all independent souls, but not all of us are able to react with big smiles, when we get a new challenge. Because of our individual life experiences we react at those, so some people will feel fear when they get a challenge, because they have never learned how to get a challenge in the positive way.

Others see, special young people, new challenges as big chances and they smile just they think about this.

I find it important for all of us, that we think deeply about our most inner dreams for our life and then try to find out, how to realize those dreams. Almost everything is possible but be patient, everything also takes time. Are you willing to use that time for your dreams? If you don’t give anything of yourself here, you will not receive anything either.

For many years my dream was to relocate from Denmark to a country in South Europe, maybe when I became old, but I had this dream for many years. Few years ago my dream became true and I became an expat in Spain, which I don’t regret.

Of course we need to plan our dream down to the details, where we can work daily to reach our goals. And again, be patient with yourself, not all is possible in short time, so share your big goals up in small goals and work them out one by one, even this is only a bit, it is helping us to reach our dreams.

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