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Sard Onyx – Carneol Chalcedony


Sard Onyx, also called Carneol Chalcedony belongs to Hara Chakra.

Sard Onyx has been used to clean the blood for many years. If we are damaged or have problems with our blood, it is a very helping gemstone. Lay down and place it at the Hara Chakra for 10 – 15 minutes and feel the change in the body.

If we are not balanced sexual, have menses pain or strong bleedings the Sard Onyx is also great for helping us. Sard Onyx helps with all kind of women problems.

Sard Onyx is a very protecting gemstone. Work in the Hara Chakra with happiness and creativity. If we feel lazy, stressed or uninspired, it can be a good help too.

I use it also, if I feel, that I’m too much living in my head and need to remember the body too. Then I place a Sard Onyx at my third eye, while I lay down for 10 – 15 minutes. It helps me to be grounded again, so I’m able to live with my body too.

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