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Dear Reader – Please Read Here

Dear Reader

A new follower at my Facebook for my shop told me, that she could not visit my blog without receive a warning, that my blog could be dangerous for her PC’s security. Have you received same kind of warnings? Please tell me, thank you.

For your knowledge, I take very much care of my own PC’s security and don’t allow bad things inside my PC.

For you to know, what I do, when I create a new post for my jewelry: I go to one of my shops at either Etsy or DaWanda and create a new selling there. After that I copy the photo and insert this in my blogpost and create my post in here. I think that can be the problem, just because I copy the photo from another website.

Even I change this, I will have to change all my blog posts for you not to receive this warnings, so I have decided to go on in same way as I use to and I hope that you will not be scared for visiting my blog. I didn’t know, that I could get this problem before after very, very long time, when this kind woman told me.

I hope to hear from you, also about your experiences in same way.

Best Wishes


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