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Apatite Earrings

Today I will show you some earrings with Apatite, as are amazing gemstones to work with for self-development. Apatite help us to learn about unconditional love and accept in all conditions

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Wish you a beautiful Friday


Change yourself – Part of SoCS

Change yourself


The view seen from my new house

I have met some souls in my life, who are really sucking out all my energy. By trying to find the background for this behavior I found out, that they are often self-focused souls, who have some problems about seeing other souls as equal living being. When I have been in their company for some hours, I feel so tired and exhausted like I did work hard in 12 hours.

I found out, that they often have a negative attitude and everything as are going on, always can be linked to other people. Not very often to themselves. They live in their own little world and have troubles about seeing much longer than to their tip of the nose.

The only way to change this way of living is to change their attituces from negative to positive, which is a big challenge to do and very difficult too. They are used to see the world through their own glasses and then they need to look so much away from themselves now.

We are all born with different qualities and our attitudes are for me to see a mix of these and our experiences in our early childhood. If we have had many bad experiences early, we are more predisposed to develop negative attitudes.

The way we are raised in our families do also have a meaning here. It is not always that this behavior come directly from the parents, maybe from other in the family, as they have spend much time together with.

Souls with negative attitudes are often attracted by the souls with positive attitudes. They wish their world also would be so easy, as they see the positive souls world are.

By experience I have found out, that the only way to try to change those negative souls minding is to show them, how we choose to live with a positive attitude and show them that life becomes much more fun, when we choose to see the good things instead of only give focus to all the bad things, as are going on in all souls life.

When we learn to focus at all the, maybe small, positive things, life looks more bright, becomes more fun and happiness are possible to find too in this world.

When I wake up in the morning I try to smile and be happy, no matter I have troubles too. My cats and my big puppy come and want hugs and attention, a friendly good morning and animals live in the moment, which we can learn from. Not to worry about things, we can’t change anyway, just enjoy the moments we have. Then I open my door or windows and listen to the birds singing, really nice music from early morning. It helps  me to stress down and be grounded, which again helps me to get a great start at the day.

I’m grateful to be able to live my life every day and I do focus at my gratitude in the day and when I go to my bed in the evening, I try to find all things, as I have to be grateful for this day.

I believe in the law of attraction and by experience I found out, that this law works very well. If I wish for something deeply, it will happen in one or another way, when the time is right.

I hope, that you find some inspiration here today.



This post is part of SoCS:

The rule this week: Use the word Change.



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