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Idea for new Badge


Badge by: Irene at IreneDesign2011

Linda made a new contest for a Badge to our Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS) and this badge is my suggestion for our new badge. If you like it, please give your vote. This is my first time to create a badge and it was fun.



As you might know, it is Linda who created the prompt SoCS and you find her here:

Enthuse – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

For so long time as I can remember in my life, I have had visions about many different things. Soon after I ended my teenage years I had my first kid and then I had some years without so many visions. Earlier it happened very often, sometimes daily. For me this were natural, because I have had those most of my life.

My family accepted those visions, because I told them about things, that also scared me to see in visions. They did never deny what I told them about, but maybe they smiled, when I didn’t see it. Until one day where I told my mother about a vision, as she needed to react at. A woman, friend of my mother, was sick and needed help, which I saw in the vision. My mother went to her and found that the friend needed to go to the hospital and helped her. After that day they listened more careful when I told them about a vision.

While I were a teenager some friends found out, that I had these visions and wanted to know all about them. I did not tell them much about it, because I felt, that they would not understand it anyway. But they showed their enthusiasm and wished to do this themselves. I were not able to teach them how to do, because I did not know so much about spirituality then. Later I found out, that is a part of our own spirituality, as we need to work on and with, with a very open mind to learn to integrate in our life.

For a very long time I have received more and more visions, some don’t seem to matter to me, others do a lot. When I walk with Odin in our nature and meet other people, what ever they pass us in a car or walk, I look at them and sometimes they scare me so much, because I get a feeling, that they are not good people in mind. I see horror in their expressions and that scare me so much and convince me to avoid those people. First I thought it was just a first impression, I got, when I looked at them and my intuition were warning me, but later I saw the horrible situations in the vision, while I looked at them.

I’m happy that the most of the visions I get, when I look at people are positive. Many are positive souls, even they don’t walk around and show it. Then I see them as smiling people, even I never saw them smile in reality. This is very nice.

Today, while I had a rest I got a vision about one of my good friends in here at WP. First I did not know, if I wished to tell her about it, but I decided to do it anyway and hope she can use, what I told her about.

Have you ever had visions? If so, can you use them?



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you find here:

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS August 8/15

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “enthuse.”  Add a prefix or suffix to it or leave it as it is and go to town with it! Enjoy!

Ready – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

A happy life

Many people think, that they need to do this or get this or have this etc. to be able to live a happy life. This is not necessary

To live a happy life demands that we decide for ourselves, that we will stay happy from we wake up in the morning, don’t think negative but transform the negative thoughts into positive thoughts. This sound very easy, but it demand that we really have a wish to stay happy

For me it was a decision about living my life in a positive way and not let myself interrupt or disturb by negative surrounding people. We can’t agree with all about all things, this is not possible, if we are independent souls. Even the people we choose to live together with will have some other opinions, than we have and that is okay

When we learn a new partner to know, we are in love and temporary crazy, we don’t see the partners less attractive attitudes, but by time we find out, that no one is perfect. Don’t try to change your partner, but be the change you wish to see yourself

Maybe the one or other have a negative view at life. There can be many reasons for that, but we need to remember, that we can only live our own life and not our partners. So even we love our partner, it can be difficult to live with a person, which personality seems to be different from ours, why it can feel like necessary to do something good for ourselves

This could be to take the decision about to stay positive so much as possible

If you find this very difficult, then start with 5 minuts per day, where you don’t complain, talk or think negative. For every day you take 5-10 minuts extra with no complaining, negative talk or thinking. After a while your mind will start to think much more positive than before

Other ways to support our new life style could be to remember to be grateful. Write down for what you are grateful, remember to thank other people, when they do something for you or to help you. Also your kids, if they carry out their cup or plate after dinner. No matter what – be grateful

No one life are perfect and all of us have a bad day or a bad experience. When this happens it is very nice to think back for what we have to be grateful. We are alive, we get yet another day, we can eat every day, we have a bed, a place to live, a job, family, friends etc. Not all are so lucky – so be grateful

By time your life will transform to a more satisfying life, where your surroundings will see you grow as a flower and this is the best way to live for yourself. You need to live for you – not for others. We come to our earth alone – and we will leave alone. So live your life as you wish to live it. We can’t change all our life in one day, but dreams can come true, if we really wish them to. We can’t just be 30 years younger, but we can live a satisfying and happy life anyway.

Are you ready to live a happy life?



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you find here:

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS August 1/15

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ready.”  Have fun!

VIS – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

I have thought about, how we are reacting, when we go through crisis. We are all individuals and our way to react often different from each other. What is working for one, will maybe not work for another.

If we are so lucky to have family or good friends, we may ask for their advise to handle our situation. Not all are so lucky to have family or good friends, which make them more sensitive for critic fx. online. Many people have only online friends and some of these are very positive and open-minded and other not. So if we ask for advises online, we must be prepared for different kind of answers. Sometimes the advises are usable and other times not. I use to say, that constructive advises always are welcome. Then we can listen and act like we feel will be the right for us.

In the area where I live in Spain there are many dogs and not all are treated well. At least there are new rules for how to behave to our pets and also punishment for the few, who behave bad. Good for the animals.

Two days ago when I went out for our morning walk with Odin, we came into a crisis because of another male dog, an old big dog at 12 years as has attacked Odin several times, when we have passed his house or just met him at our walk. The owner is an old woman at 80 years and she can’t control him, when he is a little away from her. Neither have him in a leash, he is much too strong. This dog has no problems with female dogs, only with the males. The owner let him out and walk with him without a leash and sometimes he is out for himself, which I am not able to change.

I had Odin in the leash because we were close to where the houses starts in our area and he use to get his leash on here. Odin did just play with another big dog without problems. Then this dog came running against us, first to me to see, if I would deliver a candy, which I didn’t. Then to Odin beside me and then the problems started. I needed to release Odin, so he was able to protect himself this time. Earlier he has been attacked, while we walked in the leash and without being able to protect himself, because I have been able to get the other dog to run home. He use to have respect for me, but this time it went really wrong. They fighted in several minutes before I were able to get the other dog to leave and got a close look at Odin. He had blood in his face and I was scared for other kind of damages, so we went home and got him cleaned. It seems like it was the other dog got damaged this time, maybe by Odins collar, he use to go for Odins neck first. Odin has a little damage in one ear, but nothing else. Now I just hope that the other dog got a little respect. Odin is not a small puppy any longer but 2½ years old and not adult yet.

I don’t wish to get an aggressive dog and have trained Odin to act good, but in a situation like this, it is necessary that he can protect himself also. It is almost one year ago, first time the other dog attacked Odin and this made Odin a little scared, which I fully understand. But I can also feel scared to think about my dog could become a biter, if he got scared another time. This time he was able to respond, which he also did and I hope it helps at his self confidence.

Odin is a very strong dog and very big too, so I feel it is important to have control with him and to raise him to behave good to other, both human and animals.

Do you have any advise to, how to handle a situation like this here?

Please tell me, thank you



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as  you can find here:

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “vis.”  Use a word, or tie your post’s theme around a word, that contains the letters VIS, in that order. Enjoy!

You can join too 😀

Ring – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

There is a ring of great bloggers here at WordPress. Actually there are so many, as I would like to read more often, that I do now, but it is difficult to reach all, when I follow so many as I do. I do my best to follow up at your blogs.

When I need to find support for anything, have a question as I don’t know, whom to ask, I just go to WP and find answers for almost everything here. This ring of great bloggers is fantastic. It goes all around our world, which I enjoy so very much.

Before I joined WP, I used to google, when I had a question. Now I prefer to search for an answer in here. Often I just need to open my Reader, scroll a bit and then there are a blog post about my question. It is really fantastic 😀

As you might know, we have heat waves in big parts of Europe now. Here in Spain, where I live, we have 32 C. – 90 F. now at around 5 pm. Some places are even more warm. It is necessary to relax in the middle of the day either in the shadow or indoor, while the sun are really strong and burning. Next heat wave should be more warm, they say…..

Both Odin & my cats enjoy the shadow down my big tree in the garden now. It is still too hot for a walk. I will see, if Odin and I can get space at the beach later tonight, so we can bath, swim and play there. We have one little beach, where there are no sign telling No dogs, so I hope there will be space for us later. It is wonderful to swim and cool a little down in the heat.

What do you do to cool down in the heat?



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you find here:

Linda wrote:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ring.”  Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

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Is – This post is part of #SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Is it already Saturday and time for #SoCS again? It use to be fun to join here and if you didn’t try this before, you can start today 😀

We have heatwaves in Spain now and from tomorrow there should come heatwaves in most of Europe. We will get around 35 C. – 95 F. where I live, other places in Spain can go up to 45 C. – 113 F. Here is very hot now and not even in the night we go more down than 25 C. – 77 F. which make it very difficult to sleep good. It is really much to warm for me.

When I walk with Odin now, we go early out, around 7 am to get some fresh air, before it gets to hot later. We need to walk later than usual last at the day, so Odin doesn’t burn his paws. It is best to enjoy the warm here down under a big tree in the shadow and even I love the sun, I need to find the shadow not to melt totally…

As you can imagine, it is not easy to do much in this weather, everything slow down in speed and even my cats prefer the shadow after short time in the sun. So all kind of housework need to be done in the morning, then I can sit and create jewelry or other kind of creativities. Nothing as demand fast movements are going to be handlet at the moment.

One thing I have time for now is thinking. How I can transform my life from what it is now and what I would like it to be in the future. I try to imagine, what I can do to prepare myself for the big movement to Germany, to stay more close to my daughter there. It is difficult, when I have two adult kids and would love to be around both of them, when they also live in two different countries. My son lives in Denmark, but the weather there is not good for my health, so I think the best for my health will be a middle thing with the weather between Denmark and Spain. Not too warm and not too cold, I hope…

I do still miss my family much and I’m looking very much forward to come closer to my daughter, so we can see each other more than one time a year or second year. That is much too little.

I have startet to find new ways to promote my jewelry, I hope this will help me to sell more, than I do now. I know, it is difficult to stand with a luxury product, when we have crise time all over the world. Food is more important than jewelry to survive. I think this will be better, when we get over this crise. At least I hope so.

It would be wonderful to be able to transform our world, so all had the food, they needed and then find a way to share with each other. We need to think much more at peace and much less at war to create the world, as would be better to live in. For that to happen I think we need to avoid all kind of religion also for avoiding religious wars.

I don’t think that many of us wish to live in war in our daily life and for kids to grow up in war zones, that is really terrible. They are so innocent and then we bring them in war too. Peace must be the way, but how we get through with this knowledge to the world leaders is another case. Greed destroys people.

Maybe what they need to understand might be a thesis.

How do you wish to live?



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you find here:

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “is”  Use the word “is” to begin your post – bonus points for using it (as a word on its own or at the end of your final word, i.e. “metamorphosis”) at the end of your post as well. Have fun!

Some/Sum – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Some relations is life are more healthy for us than others and it is not always easy to see the difference, while we stand in the middle of them. Some indicators there are, if we are awake to see them, what ever we are in love or just have found new souls in our lives.

I think that most of us know how it is to be in love. We are in a temporary crazy condition, where we don’t see the forest for trees. We do only see, what we wish to see and nothing else. After a while, for some a short while and other demand longer time, we start to see that not all are sugar coated as we felt in the very beginning.

We start to see the less attractive in our new partners, as we were not able to see in the beginning. If this is not too overwhelming, we can go on and learn to live with it. If it just seems to be too much, we should take a look deep inside ourselves and ask if we really are able to live with those conditions for next long time, maybe for the rest of our lives?

When we are in love, what ever it is in a partner or in a new friend, which is also a kind of love, we seem to get temporary blinded and not see anything but positivity. Then it is good to find out, if this relation really also is good to us, no matter what our heart are telling us right now.

It is a very good idea to learn to listen to our intuition and follow this, no matter we wish to or not. It is very rare, that our inner voice, the intuition, are wrong.

As it often are happening, we fall in love in our opposite, which should help us to be more complete, if this is a good and healthy relation for us. Often it is not, even we think so.

Instead of waiting in years to find out, it might be a good idea to wake up and find out, before we jump into this relation with all we have and are. Then we can save ourselves for more pain than necessary.

Sometimes we start to get physically ill, before we find out, that something might be wrong. We need to remember that our mind need to be feeded in a good way, otherwise our body react with illness and sometimes too late.

I do really hope, that you think twice, before you jump into your next relationsship, whatever it is in a partner or in a friend.

What is your experience in all this?

Wish you all good luck 🙂



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you can find here:

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “some/sum.”  Use either or both words, or choose a word in which either are used as a prefix or suffix. Have an awesome time with it!

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