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My Grandson

Klaus og Milan 3

Here you see my son Klaus with his son Milan, short after the birth

Milan 1

Little Milan

Klaus og Milan 4

Just arrived home

Milan 4

Cute Milan

Klaus og Milan 2

Milan & Dad

Milan 3

Milan is growing so fast

Milan 2

Milan for his first Christmas

I haven’t visited my little Grandson yet, but it will come in the new year

I hope, that you enjoyed to see my Grandson and sorry for letting you wait for so long time

Happy New Year to all of you




Last News


Today I wish to share my joy with you 😀

Last night I became a Grandma. My son and his girlfriend got a little boy. This is really huge for me. This is my first Grand Kid and I feel so very happy

In short time, I will bring up some photos of the little boy

If you have followed my blog for longer time, you know, that I have two adult kids, a young man and a young woman. Both of them decided to get kids now, my daughter is pregnant and should give birth in February, so the happiness will be double up 😀

While I lay in ICU in the hospital, both of my kids visited me here in Spain. When I woke up, they both gave me these gifts by telling me, I would become 2 x Grandma, which absolutely gave me more to live and fight for. This I had in mind, while I did practice to learn everything from scratch again, like how to walk and eat by myself

Of course I wish to travel and visit the little new family in Denmark, when I can in near future

Live every day – tomorrow is never for sure



More adventure in Spain – 9 Photos


At one of our adventures when my son visited me in May here in Spain, we found several places, where there were no other people to see anywhere, beautiful spots with water either in small lakes, rivers or very large lakes

Remember that you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them




This was a very large lake, which you can see in the coming photos




Odin enjoyed a break, this time by the Mediterranean Sea



Here we found another place with a river and it was really amazing

I hope that you enjoyed our adventure in Spain


Beautiful trip in Spain – 11 Photos


Today I will show some more photos from one of our trips in Spain, while my son was here at visit

IMG_20150510_102006 IMG_20150510_102056 IMG_20150510_102058 IMG_20150510_105032 IMG_20150510_105535 IMG_20150510_105709 IMG_20150510_105711 IMG_20150510_105139

My son had a break here

IMG_20150510_105449 IMG_20150510_105509

I hope that you enjoyed your trip


Another excursion in Spain – 10 Photos


When my son visited me we went out at several trips, and here we found a beautiful place with both water and green areas


As you can see, the water was very clear


Odin enjoyed to join at the trip and followed us all over


I stand up at the road to take this photo, it was almost a hided area in a kind of valley


My son found it interesting to get around in not tourist areas in Spain


This photo is not the best, but you can see the clear water


My son and I in front of waterfalls


I zoomed to get closer to the waterfalls


Mountain areas and some people live here


I hope that you enjoyed our trip in Spain


Excursion in Spain – 6 photos


Odin enjoyed the view at our trip to a mountain, when my son was visiting me. There were very far down, so Odin did also take care not to fall down. As you will see, there were a wonderful view from the mountain


The view was very beautiful and you can see the Mediterranean Sea behind


Other mountains were visible from this site


My son also wanted to have some great photos from his vacation in Spain


The mountain made some shadow for the sun here


Odin enjoyed some shadow after playing ball among some big rocks

I hope that you enjoyed our excursion too, we did 😀


Beach day with my son & Odin – 8 Photos


As you may know I was so lucky to get my son at visit for 10 days in May.

One of the days we went to the beach with Odin to play and swim. My son did play a lot with Odin, while I did photograph and later we turned around and I played and my son took photos.


Odin just loved that we were two to play with him. He has so much energy and it was very nice to see how both my son and Odin enjoyed the playing

Here come more photos of Odin swimming and playing


Odin was so happy, it was wonderful

IMG_20150507_200427 IMG_20150507_200349 IMG_20150507_200832 IMG_20150507_200641 IMG_20150507_200629

I hope that you enjoyed our afternoon at the beach

I will show you more photos from the time my son was here in the coming days



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