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Deltebre – a beautiful part of Catalonia in Spain

In Deltebre they have a National Parc. As I explored this parc it is a green area with some special flowers and a beautiful area, where it is possible to swim from a very clean beach. As you can see, the sand takes a lot of space and there are the most pure turquoise water, as it is possible to look through.


Deltebre beach 1

After walking a little in the sea, where I could look just straight through the water and see fish swimming, it was a nice experience to swim around there. While I was swimming, I looked down and saw big fish who passed. At that time I wished, I had a waterproof camera, so I would be able to show you all those beautiful fish, as I saw.


Deltebre Beach 2

The beach are very friendly in the way, that you can walk a lot, before you come out, where it is really deep down. I saw kids enjoying the sea, they did play around and did not need to be worried, because we need to leave the coast area and swim a while, before we meet deep, deep water.


Deltebre Beach 3


In another part of Deltebre I discovered something quite new to me. Most of Catalonia are filled with beautiful mountains, one more beautiful than the other, but here in Deltebre, everything is straight, the fields – everything…

I learned that rice are growing here, yes here in Spain, I did really not know that before, I thought all kind of rice came from Asia, but now I know, this is not true.


Deltebre rice 1


The rice they grow here are used for paella, called Bomba Rice, which is possible to create with many different kind of fish, meat, shellfish and vegetables. Of course they use those rice for other nice meals too.

Where I come from, we prepare and use rice in a different way, so all this were very new for me to learn, after I relocated to Spain.



Deltebre rice 2

Ricefield close


Deltebre rice 3

Ricefield, so you can see for yourself, this part of Catalonia are very straight. Perfect for growing rice, as need to grow in water. And we don’t get too much rain here at all. Here they use the El Ebro River to support for the needed water for the rice.

It was a very special experience for me to see, how to grow rice. I did really not imagine, this would go on in other places than Asia before. Now I learned to appreciate the Spanich Rice too.


I like to create our food from scratch and I try to serv good and healthy food every day. With that I mean some meat, if I can buy local, I buy both meat and vegetables, but it is not always possible. I would prefer to have a good contact with some farmers, where I know, they produce in a good way, both for us and the environment.

I hope, that you enjoyed to learn a little about Spain or should I say Catalonia 😀

If you feel like visiting the area, please tell me, and I will try to help you best possible.



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