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Put it out – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Which great intentions is it possible to put into this post?

I’m still thinking about my future life and of course my pets. I haven’t found out, what to do with myself yet.

In some ways I appreciate the nice weather we are going to have now, except the freezing degrees as we are promissed monday night. There should be Spring now in Spain, no matter how I put it out here.

The Winters have never been my favorite and neither are they here. The houses are not well isolated against the cold, only against the warm and Spain is not warm in the Winter, but not as cold as where I come from or where many of other bloggers live f.x. Canada and North America.

I love the Spring here, not too warm and not too cold. The Summers can be pretty hot here. In my time here I experienced more than 45 degrees C. which is very hot. It is not possible to do anything else than try to stay cool inside. The Sun is burning very much from around 11 am and until 5 pm, which is many hours, where it is best to stay away from the Sun also caused our health to avoid skin cancer.

There are many beautiful places where it could be interesting to try to live, but I don’t wish to leave Europe. I have my family here and don’t see them too much even I’m not so far away. I can’t travel for vacation for myself. I don’t have anyone here, that I would trust to take good care of my pets in the meanwhile. It is also very expensive to travel.

I have always appreciated my home, why I also have had pets mostly of my life. When my kids were younger I choosed to have animals also for them to learn how to treat the pets with respect, which I find important. Specially to avoid accidents with bites etc.

I miss my family and wish I could see them much more than now, and I try to figure out, how that could be possible, when they also live in two different countries. So it would not do it all just by moving closer to them. I can only live in one place at time, even I could wish it different.

How do you handle your life, when the big questions come to your mind?

I walk by the beach, sit at the terrace and enjoy the warm from the Sun, meditate and try to figure out, what is the most important for me in my life.

Big questions demand time and thinking also to avoid to regret, no matter what I will do.



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Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “pat/pet/pit/pot/put.”  Use any, use all or have fun with words that contain them!

Nice beach walk with Odin – 12 photos


We have had a walk at the beach by the Mediterranean Sea in Spain and Odin enjoyed this more than usual, because of the warm weather and Spring temperatures

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them


We were just arrived and he was given free, then Odin run directly to swim


It is so nice to see how much he enjoy the sea


This was late afternoon, here it is most warm around 4 pm


Odin enjoy a little break


It was a beautiful day to walk here


The Sea was quiet today, which is not happening so often


The water looks very clean


Odin had one more break


Beautiful view


Odin beside the stone where I use to have a break


The Sunset before we went home again

I hope that you enjoyed your visit


Afternoon walk in Spain – 3 photos


Today I chosed to walk at another beach than usual with Odin.

There have been warm spring here today, some places up to 24 degrees C. which was very nice.

I enjoyed my coffee at the terrasse in the afternoon with no wind and just so much warm sun, really wonderful.


We walked at the rocks here and saw this giant stone with some big birds at. I zoomed so much as possible to show you these birds, because I found them very beautiful.


I hope that you enjoyed your visit


Spring is coming to Spain – 11 photos


Almond tree with flowers

I have been looking for signs to see when the Spring has come here, where I live and now the almond trees blossom, which use to be the first sign that the Spring is on the way 😀

I wish to share my joy with you and hope you like the photos










More flowers in blossom


I hope you did enjoy your visit


Rainbow in Spain – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

I will invite you to join the scene as I watched yesterday. We have had rain in the night and it continued in the morning, when Odin and I was out walking. We saw a rainbow so very beautiful, so I had to stop and take photos. I haven’t found out how to use my panorama function yet, so you will see the photo as covered mostly of the rainbow.


Rainbow in Spain

After our walk in the nature we went to the beach, where the sunrise was going on. This was so very beautiful, as you can see here.


Sunrise seen from the beach in Spain

We have and have had some heavy storms here, the waves have been very big and alive, which you also can see at the beach photo.

When we have those storms here, we need to take care about walking close to the beach. The see and the waves have so much power and we prefer to stay good, so we keep away when it is very bad.

Where I come from in Denmark, we have only very cold storms, but here it was amazing strange yesterday. When I woke up, I checked the temperatures and saw we had 17 degrees C. very early in the morning and this temperature are high for this time at the year, also here. We do also have sun storms here in the Summertime.

I have never seen this before, so something new to me after now 2½ years in Spain.

When I hear that we will get storms, I use to wear extra clothe to go out, but yesterday I almost needed to take close away again. Next time I will check the temperature before going out.

I’m looking very much forward to the Spring, so we can use much more time outdoor and explore the area by very long walks in the nature, the mountains and the beaches.

How are your world looking? Please share 😀



This post is part of SoCS, a prompt by Linda at:

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Orange in Spain – 2 photos


Orange tree filled with fruits

I do enjoy these Orange Trees and I still see them as exotic plants. The orange here are ready now and we have some areas, where it is many years ago, that people left the houses and areas. In some of those areas we have orange and after our walks in the field we pass and pick up some orange for fresh pressed juice. Very delicious and organic, because no one did take care there for years.


Orange trees all over in this area

The region Valenciana where I live has a lot of orange and lemon areas. It is very beautiful when we pass an area where all the fruits are in strong colors.

The Spring is on the way, we have had 20 degrees C. in the afternoon today and I did enjoy my coffee outside at the terrasse, really wonderful. I know it will be cold in the night again, not much over 0 degrees C. but it is okay. I’m looking so much forward to the Spring.

How do your world looking right now? Are you able to enjoy any kind of outdoor life?


Etsy Spring Sale 2014

Dear Reader

Today I start up my Etsy Spring Sale only for my WordPress Readers. The Sale will end the 14. of March 2014. I would like to give all of you a possibility to buy and will give you 15% Discount at my creatings.

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Wish all of you a Happy Spring 2014.



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