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Sand Storm in Spain – 8 Photos

Sandstorm 1

We have had Sand Storm in Spain today, it comes from Africa and pass the Mediterranean Sea. This gives much dust all over here and if we have washed clothe and hanged this outside, we can start all over again. You can see the dust over the sea here, first I thought there were fire, but found out, it was Sand Storm instead, not so dangerous…

Sandstorm 4

I photographed these photos, while I walked with Odin in the afternoon

Sandstorm 7

We are not far from the sea here, but I didn’t feel like going there in this dust

Sandstorm 3

Here you can see the dust change the color of our usual beautiful blue sky

Sandstorm 6

Here we look from a little more far away

Sandstorm 2

We pass from here, when we go for our walks, away from most houses

Sandstorm 8

Here you can see both the beautiful blue sky and the Sand Storm

Sandstorm 5

 This is our usual place for walking at the moment and the sand did fly here too

I hope, that you enjoyed to join us



Rain & Storm in Spain – 12 photos


We have had rain and storm in more than a week here, which is unusual, but the weather are changing all over the world

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them


The river you see here has been total dry in the time, I have been living here, but after all this rain, this did change


This river end out in the Mediterranean Sea


As you can see, this is not beautiful


All the brown water from the before very dry river end out here


The Sea and the river meet here


A lot of brown water


Unfortunately there were people who lost their lives in this area, when the weather were on the worst


You can see they meet here


and it is not beautiful


I tried to zoom for you to see


I hope you enjoyed your visit


I’m happy to tell you that I have seen the Sun here the last two days and enjoyed so very much. We have heavy wind but sunshine 😀

Morning walk at the beach in Spain


The beach today in Spain

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them


As you can see, the Mediterranean Sea was more came today. Odin and I went to play there and take photos for you to see. After several days with heavy storms the morning was so quiet, no wind at all, very very nice after our walks in storm. I do like some wind, but this wind in storm and the cold, where we went down 0 degrees C. was very cold, when we walk in open areas.


As I wrote yesterday, Odin loves to swim even he only swims a little in the Winter. Today the beach was so nice, so he couldn’t resist to go into the water.


We used a long time at the beach today with playing and swimming. I even found the time for my meditation there, which I really appreciate. No matter my mood when I go out, after our time at the beach I always feel happy and in balance.


The water was very clear today, I could look through and see everything at the bottom. After the last storms here I found a lot of nice new stones and shells and as you can see, even the sun came through so a wonderful morning at the beach.

Do you ever visit the beach? Also in the Winter?


Beach & Waves in Spain


The Mediterranean Sea 

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them

Few days ago while we had one of the storms here, Odin and I walked by the beach late afternoon. It was easy to see that the waves became more and more big. Several places we saw how the sea are eating from the soil and beach here. It is so huge power the sea shows us, as we should learn by and also take much more care of our nature.


Odin is waiting for me to play ball, while I take photos

When we looked out over the sea, it was not possible for me not to get respect for the power in the waves. They did suck everything close to the water that day, why we did stay a little away from the sea. As you might know, Odin loves to swim in the sea, no matter if it is Summer or Winter. Mostly days the sea is not so cold and he only swims in low water this time at the year. After playing ball and practice behavior we walk to the beach and play ball there.


The waves are really growing here and the storm got worse and worse in same time. We were lucky, both Odin and the 2 old cats did prefer to stay much inside those days. It was also more than cold, even we are in Spain.

There are also snow in Spain, I’m just so lucky to be at the right site of the mountain range, and I tried to see, if I could get some photos with snow, but no it is not so close. I live only 300 meters from the sea why I should be lucky to avoid snow.

I hope you did enjoy


I do have some problems with my tablet and WordPress for Android, why I don’t post as regular, but I hope for a soon update.

Rainbow in Spain – This post is part of SoCS


Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

I will invite you to join the scene as I watched yesterday. We have had rain in the night and it continued in the morning, when Odin and I was out walking. We saw a rainbow so very beautiful, so I had to stop and take photos. I haven’t found out how to use my panorama function yet, so you will see the photo as covered mostly of the rainbow.


Rainbow in Spain

After our walk in the nature we went to the beach, where the sunrise was going on. This was so very beautiful, as you can see here.


Sunrise seen from the beach in Spain

We have and have had some heavy storms here, the waves have been very big and alive, which you also can see at the beach photo.

When we have those storms here, we need to take care about walking close to the beach. The see and the waves have so much power and we prefer to stay good, so we keep away when it is very bad.

Where I come from in Denmark, we have only very cold storms, but here it was amazing strange yesterday. When I woke up, I checked the temperatures and saw we had 17 degrees C. very early in the morning and this temperature are high for this time at the year, also here. We do also have sun storms here in the Summertime.

I have never seen this before, so something new to me after now 2½ years in Spain.

When I hear that we will get storms, I use to wear extra clothe to go out, but yesterday I almost needed to take close away again. Next time I will check the temperature before going out.

I’m looking very much forward to the Spring, so we can use much more time outdoor and explore the area by very long walks in the nature, the mountains and the beaches.

How are your world looking? Please share 😀



This post is part of SoCS, a prompt by Linda at:

You can join too, just go on 😀

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “scene/seen.”  Let your imagination wander. You could even add a picture!

Storm in Spain today – 3 photos

The last days, we have had a very mixed weather here in Spain. Yesterday evening and night silent rain, but for many hours. I will show you some photos from the area here photographed today. Enjoy…

ImageFrom the morning walk with Odin after all our rain, I found this scene.


ImageOdin keep his eyes at the trees in the forrest, as we have storm now.


Image The storm is pretty heavy here now, I was happy to be able to hold Odins line, while we walked in the open areas. Things are flying around in the streets and the animals are hiding themselves, which I do understand. I’m happy, that we don’t see this kind of weather too often here. We are used to wind, also a lot, but these storm is not for fun.

I hope, you enjoy to see a little from the area in Catalonia in Spain, where I live now.




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