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Afternoon walk in sunshine in Spain – 13 Photos


Odin keeps an eye with me, while I photograph in our area in the afternoon today


As you see, we had visit by the sun today, which were wonderful


This area has not been taken care for for many years, here an Olive Tree


We had a beautiful blue sky with some clouds, but it is winter time even the temperatures tell us something else


In left side you see a big Carob Tree and in right side an Olive Tree


Odin on the way for playing


The sun is my primary warm source, so I enjoyed so much


An old Olive tree


A little sun through the trees


We are about 1,5 km away from the Mediterranean Sea at this walk and if you look in the middle of the photo, you can see the water


A very old Carob tree in adventure figur


Here a big area, where there were Orange & Olive trees years ago. Today we find only small trees without fruits here. In the background you see mountains


You can see the trees here have not been taken care for for many years

I hope that you enjoyed our afternoon walk in our part of Spain


Warm Thursday

Now the Summer arrived here in Spain. We have had 32 degrees C. today. I enjoy walking outside with Odin in the sunshine, the World looks so much more nice in sunshine…..

Today I created 3 different kind of jewelry, as you can see here:

ImageSilver Set with necklace and earrings with red Coral


ImageSilver bracelet with yellow Jade



Silver hook earrings with Amazonite

I found those beautiful flowers today:



You are very welcome to tell me, if you like my jewelry by comments, thank you.

Remember to visit my Etsy Shop sometimes at

Enjoy the Summer, while you are able to, it can soon enough become Winter again.





Outdoor Wednesday

Today I have been outside most of the day. I enjoy to be able to be creative outside too. Then I’m able to enjoy the sun and let the inspiration work in same time.

Today I will show you some golden earrings:Image
Golden hook earrings with pink Seashell

ImageGolden hook with pink Bubble

Golden hooks with Strawberry Quartz and Rock Crystal

I feel happy, when I can see my creations take their form and become beautiful, and I really hope, that you like them too.

I will update at my Etsy Shop very often, so keep an eye, if you love beautiful jewelry too.

This funny flower I found today at a walk with Odin:


Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


Sunshine & Creativity

I feel so inspired in this amazing sunshine. Have created several new earrings today, some of them you can see here:


Silver hook earrings with white Jade and Strawberry QuartzImage

Silver hook earrings with blue Cateye

ImageSilver hook earrings with red and white Jade


I have updatet my Etsy Shop today, you can follow this link to see:


We live close to the nature and find many good places to have photos. At one of our walks outside today I saw this nice little mountain filled with Wild Rosemary. Very nice to be able to bring a little home for the daily cooking. 

ImageWild Rosemary


I hope, that you enjoy your life and creativity, what ever you have a passion about.

Wish all of you a very nice day.




New Copper Jewelry

Today I will show you my latest creations in copper earrings. I like to work with many different kind of materials, and copper is so beautiful together with the gemstones.

ImageCopper hook earrings with facetted blue chalcedony and white jade

ImageCopper hook earrings with watermelon tourmaline and yellow jade

ImageCopper hook earrings with turquoise and white pearl

At my walk with Odin today we found the most beautiful white flowers, I needed to take a photo for sharing with you, dear readers and followers

ImageI hope, you are lucky as I and have plenty of sunshine this weekend. It is wonderful, around 25 degrees Celcius here, so nice.

I feel so good, when I walk outside and enjoy our beautiful nature here. The mood grows up and it is so much more easy to find inspiration, when the sun warms and lighten up all over.

I wish all of you a lovely weekend.






Sunshine and inspiration

I have been so inspired these last days, the sun is shining so wonderfully here in Spain. I created some new jewelry for you to see, and hope that you like them. It always makes me very happy to create beautiful and personal jewelry.


This is a set of golden butterflies


These earrings are made of golden hearts with amethyst hearts hanging in them.

I like to work with different kind of materials. For me the whole process of making them is exciting. To just give in, let the creativity take over and just see where the work brings me.


Here you see a bracelet of silver with pendants.


These earrings are creoles with hanging flowers, also in silver

Creols seahorse frame

And more creoles, this time with seahorses in silver 🙂

For me, the spring is just fantastic! I hope you enjoy the spring too. Today I found this beautiful thistle, I like these very much and I would really like to create some jewelry resembling this.

Tidsel med ramme

Wish all of you a nice day.


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