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Sunrise & Odin at the Beach in Spain – 10 Photos


We had a beautiful morning today and I decided to let Odin swim in the Mediterranean Sea from our beach. It is long time ago, that Odin had a chance to swim here because of the many tourists, as have been here in the Summer.

As you might know, we need to use Spot-On at Odin every 3. week here to avoid him to be sick by insect bites etc.There are several kind of sickness, as dogs here easy get and some die for those, which is very sad, when it is possible to avoid. I can only let Odin swim, just before his new Spot-On and then again in 3 weeks.

As you can see at the photos, Odin enjoyed his swimming and playing with balls in the water. I didn’t zoom today, but you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them. Here you also better see the beach and the area in same time


wpid-wp-1444397992323.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397979531.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397951406.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397943706.jpeg

wpid-wp-1444397931261.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397925400.jpeg wpid-wp-1444397921697.jpeg


I hope that you enjoyed


Beach day with my son & Odin – 8 Photos


As you may know I was so lucky to get my son at visit for 10 days in May.

One of the days we went to the beach with Odin to play and swim. My son did play a lot with Odin, while I did photograph and later we turned around and I played and my son took photos.


Odin just loved that we were two to play with him. He has so much energy and it was very nice to see how both my son and Odin enjoyed the playing

Here come more photos of Odin swimming and playing


Odin was so happy, it was wonderful

IMG_20150507_200427 IMG_20150507_200349 IMG_20150507_200832 IMG_20150507_200641 IMG_20150507_200629

I hope that you enjoyed our afternoon at the beach

I will show you more photos from the time my son was here in the coming days



Nice beach walk with Odin – 12 photos


We have had a walk at the beach by the Mediterranean Sea in Spain and Odin enjoyed this more than usual, because of the warm weather and Spring temperatures

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them


We were just arrived and he was given free, then Odin run directly to swim


It is so nice to see how much he enjoy the sea


This was late afternoon, here it is most warm around 4 pm


Odin enjoy a little break


It was a beautiful day to walk here


The Sea was quiet today, which is not happening so often


The water looks very clean


Odin had one more break


Beautiful view


Odin beside the stone where I use to have a break


The Sunset before we went home again

I hope that you enjoyed your visit


Afternoon walk at the beach with Odin – 11 photos


Today Odin and I walked at a new beach by the Mediterranean Sea

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them


As you can see here there are people working to build a wall in stones to avoid the sea to consume all the soil here.


Here we passed another little beach at our way to the beach, where we use to play and Odin love to swim


There are many big rocks here, also in the sea


At least we came to our beach


Odin runned directly into the sea


And he did repeat several times


More swimming


A very happy Odin


More swimming


And now time for shaking very close to me 😀

I hope you enjoyed our afternoon in Spain


Weekend walk at the beach in Spain – 8 photos

Sunrise 010315

Sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea in Spain

You can click at the photos to enlarge them

It was a cloudy this morning, when we went out for our walk, but still very beautiful. There have been heavy storms here for a long time, the last is just ended after 5 days. Other places in Spain they had hurricane and the rivers didn’t have space for more water, so there are water all over and many people needed evacuation. There were only orange alert here, which is the one just before hurricane, so here have been very windy. Some days I felt that I was close flying

Beach 4 010315

There were still life in the sea with beautiful waves as I will show you here

Beach 1 010315

Beach 2 010315 Beach 3 010315

Odin 2 010315

Odin was out swimming as usual and he played with the waves, so very happy

Odin 010315

We walked and played before our visit at the beach. On the way to the beach I found this beautiful flower

Pink Flower

I hope that you enjoyed your visit


Beach walk by The Mediterranean Sea in Spain – 4 photos


Odin at the beach

When we visited the beach in the morning today, there were many waves, not so big but very active. In the beginning we just played ball, Odin had some respect for the waves, but as soon he got a break in the playing he could not resist to go into the water and swim, he really love swimming and enjoy to cool a little down after playing.

Today I will show you how the Mediterranean Sea looked in the morning




I hope you did enjoy your visit


Morning at the beach in Spain – 6 photos


Odin at the beach

Yesterday morning at our morning walk at the beach, the heaven was first cloudy then the sun came through as you can see at the following photos. Odin did enjoy to swim after playing and walking first. We just arrived to the beach and he did run directly out for swimming, so soon he got his freedom.

It was wonderful to see his happiness and joy. The beach was silent with few waves so it was secure for him to bath 😀






As you can see here, the water was very clear so even I did feel a need to touch and it was not cold, so I understand why Odin enjoyed so much. I hope you enjoyed your visit here.


Morning walk at the beach in Spain


The beach today in Spain

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them


As you can see, the Mediterranean Sea was more came today. Odin and I went to play there and take photos for you to see. After several days with heavy storms the morning was so quiet, no wind at all, very very nice after our walks in storm. I do like some wind, but this wind in storm and the cold, where we went down 0 degrees C. was very cold, when we walk in open areas.


As I wrote yesterday, Odin loves to swim even he only swims a little in the Winter. Today the beach was so nice, so he couldn’t resist to go into the water.


We used a long time at the beach today with playing and swimming. I even found the time for my meditation there, which I really appreciate. No matter my mood when I go out, after our time at the beach I always feel happy and in balance.


The water was very clear today, I could look through and see everything at the bottom. After the last storms here I found a lot of nice new stones and shells and as you can see, even the sun came through so a wonderful morning at the beach.

Do you ever visit the beach? Also in the Winter?


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