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Speaking with several tongues – This post is a part of SoCS

I get frustrated when people speak with several tongues. I prefer that people are honest whatever it can get expensive in knowledge. When I ask a human about something and they say one thing and by looking at them, I can see they mean something different, I get sad and a little mad, because I feel it is rude not to be honest, when people ask you about something.

Maybe they don’t wish to tell me the truth, but then tell me that – stay honest and get my respect too. I respect people, when they answer equal, no matter who ask them and don’t change their answers after the situation.

Some people can also feel, that I behave rude sometimes. If they ask me about something, I do my best to give them a honest answer, no matter they might ask me just because they needed one to agree with them. Then I prefer they don’t ask at all.

I’m sure, you have tried this many times in your life too and I do understand, if you also get frustrated. Often we meet this in companies among people working. Someone don’t answer honest, because they don’t wish to hurt anyone and other are telling you one thing and then go to another colleague and tell them the same story but with another ending.

Why are people doing this? I really don’t understand it.

I think that when some people have a boring life, they need to do something to spice it up, so they seem more interesting. This can really escalate if they continue that life style and become a life in a fantasi world instead of doing something to get an interesting life. Sad for them, but we can’t live other peoples life, but only show them our way to live and act.

How do you react when people are speaking with several tongues? I would really like to know. Thank you.


I hope that you enjoyed reading. The topic will continue in next weekend.



This post is part of SoCS:

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