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Spring signs in Spain


Beautiful early sunrise seen at our morning walk


Happy Odin

Almond 1

Our Almond Trees are blooming now. I hope, they didn’t get the freezing, while here were very cold in the nights. If so, we will get less almonds this year

Almond 2

Blooming Almond Flowers. They are so beautiful and seen in several colors from pure white to heavy pink. They smell so good


Bougainvillea as are blooming much of the year, where I live in Spain

spring flowers

Narcissus, as I found hided today

Yellow flowers

I don’t know these flowers, but they are beautiful and a wonderful sign, that the spring is on the way here too


I hope, that you enjoyed your visit


A Walk in April in Spain – 15 Photos

Almond tree 1

Odin and I have had some nice walks, when I came back after being away for about 7 weeks. Here you see the Almond Trees and the almonds are already now big

Almond tree 2

Almond tree 3

Borago 1

Borago – the blue flowers are amazing in salads and looks so beautiful

Fig 1

Figs at the Fig Tree and this is a huge tree, as you can see in the next photo

Fig 2

Fig 3

This Fig Tree is a wild one and have amazing many figs this year. They are not ready for tasting yet 🙂

Iris 1

Purple Iris, as I see wild many places here. I love Iris, they are so beautiful and I really enjoy to see them

Iris 2

Iris 3

Iris 4

Marguerite 1


Odin 1

Odin in front of a Palm Tree

Thyme 1

We have Wild Thyme many places here and they are blooming now

Thyme 2

I hope, that you enjoyed our walk

Wish you a beautiful day


A walk in our garden in Spain – 23 Photos

Pink rose 3

I had a walk in the shared garden, where I live and found that many of the roses now are blooming and this so very beautiful, that I wished to share with all of you

I specially hope, that Amy will enjoy. Amy has her own rose gardens, as you can find at her  blog 😀

I wish to bring hope for a beautiful Spring

Pink rose 4

Pink rose 5

Pink rose 6

Pink rose 7

Pink rose 8

Pink rose 9

Pink rose

Pink roses 2
Pink roses 4

Pink roses

Red flowers

Yellow roses

Banana Tree

This is a Banana Tree and in the next photo, you see the first flower
Banana Tree2Bourgonvilla1



Hibiscus pink

Hibiscus red


Light pink rose

I hope, that you enjoyed the walk


Crazy weather in Spain – 4 Photos


When I were out walking with Odin in the afternoon today, I saw this Almond Tree bloom. It is very much to early. I suppose it has to do with the mild December, as have been many places in our world.

Usually the Almond Trees show their beautiful flowers in March. I really hope, that this tree will survive and be able to create almonds too


As you can see, there are many flowers


and this all over the tree


Odin wished to play, so we continued our walk

I hope, that you enjoyed our walk


Green Aventurine & Tree of Life

Silver Necklace with Green Aventurine & Tree of Life

Beautiful Handmade Silver Necklace with Green Aventurine & Tree of Life

Would you like to wear this necklace? Please let me know, thank you 🙂

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Wish you a happy day


Green Aventurine & Tree of Life – 2 Photos

Beautiful Handmade Silver Necklace with Green Aventurine & Tree of Life

What do you think about this necklace? Please tell me, thank you 😉

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Wish you an amazing day


Flowers at our walk in Spain – 7 Photos


Odin had a break at our walk and even we walk late at the day, it is still very hot here in Spain, so many breaks in our walks. We have had two heatwaves until now and they just told us about the next coming.

Today I will show you some different flowers



Here you see the flowers at the artichokes, they are beautiful purple


Yucca Palm Tree



One of the cactus has very beautiful flowers now


This palm tree I don’t know, but if you know the name please tell me, thank you.

I hope that you enjoyed our walk in Spain


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