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Beach day with my son & Odin – 8 Photos


As you may know I was so lucky to get my son at visit for 10 days in May.

One of the days we went to the beach with Odin to play and swim. My son did play a lot with Odin, while I did photograph and later we turned around and I played and my son took photos.


Odin just loved that we were two to play with him. He has so much energy and it was very nice to see how both my son and Odin enjoyed the playing

Here come more photos of Odin swimming and playing


Odin was so happy, it was wonderful

IMG_20150507_200427 IMG_20150507_200349 IMG_20150507_200832 IMG_20150507_200641 IMG_20150507_200629

I hope that you enjoyed our afternoon at the beach

I will show you more photos from the time my son was here in the coming days



Beach visit in Spain – 12 photos


The Spring did jump and pass Spain these days, so Odin and I walked in not so funny weather today


We have had rain and heavy wind the last days and it seems to continue until Wednesday


As you can see, there are life in the Mediterranean Sea


Odin love to watch the sea no matter the weather


We did stand high up, otherwise we would have been very wet


There were no other people out this time


Odin waited patiently for me to take photos


It looked like the sky become more clear late afternoon


We saw very big waves


A very happy Odin


When I looked out over the sea, it did not look so bad, but it was


I hope you enjoyed your beach visit


Dear Followers

Sunset seen in our area


Dear Reader & Followers

I have noticed that I have lost bloggers, as I used to follow. I do follow many blogs and not all are posting daily, so it takes a little time before I find out, who I am missing posts from in my Reader.

I think this might be a mistake from WordPress, but I don’t like to miss my good blogs, just because they make some mistakes.

If I did follow you before and don’t do it now, please give me a message, so I can follow you again.

I didn’t stop following any blogs and I try my best to read so much as possible and comment, when I have something to say. I appologize if I lost your blog in that way.


Dear New Followers

I’m very happy and feel honored to see so many new followers. I will visit your blogs so soon I have the time. I follow back, if your blog seems interesting for me. We can’t all have the same interests so please don’t feel bad, if I don’t follow back. I will still visit your blog again.

I hope for your patience, thank you and Welcome to IreneDesign2011.


I wish you a wonderful day/night after where you are in our world.


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