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Is – This post is part of #SoCS


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Is it already Saturday and time for #SoCS again? It use to be fun to join here and if you didn’t try this before, you can start today 😀

We have heatwaves in Spain now and from tomorrow there should come heatwaves in most of Europe. We will get around 35 C. – 95 F. where I live, other places in Spain can go up to 45 C. – 113 F. Here is very hot now and not even in the night we go more down than 25 C. – 77 F. which make it very difficult to sleep good. It is really much to warm for me.

When I walk with Odin now, we go early out, around 7 am to get some fresh air, before it gets to hot later. We need to walk later than usual last at the day, so Odin doesn’t burn his paws. It is best to enjoy the warm here down under a big tree in the shadow and even I love the sun, I need to find the shadow not to melt totally…

As you can imagine, it is not easy to do much in this weather, everything slow down in speed and even my cats prefer the shadow after short time in the sun. So all kind of housework need to be done in the morning, then I can sit and create jewelry or other kind of creativities. Nothing as demand fast movements are going to be handlet at the moment.

One thing I have time for now is thinking. How I can transform my life from what it is now and what I would like it to be in the future. I try to imagine, what I can do to prepare myself for the big movement to Germany, to stay more close to my daughter there. It is difficult, when I have two adult kids and would love to be around both of them, when they also live in two different countries. My son lives in Denmark, but the weather there is not good for my health, so I think the best for my health will be a middle thing with the weather between Denmark and Spain. Not too warm and not too cold, I hope…

I do still miss my family much and I’m looking very much forward to come closer to my daughter, so we can see each other more than one time a year or second year. That is much too little.

I have startet to find new ways to promote my jewelry, I hope this will help me to sell more, than I do now. I know, it is difficult to stand with a luxury product, when we have crise time all over the world. Food is more important than jewelry to survive. I think this will be better, when we get over this crise. At least I hope so.

It would be wonderful to be able to transform our world, so all had the food, they needed and then find a way to share with each other. We need to think much more at peace and much less at war to create the world, as would be better to live in. For that to happen I think we need to avoid all kind of religion also for avoiding religious wars.

I don’t think that many of us wish to live in war in our daily life and for kids to grow up in war zones, that is really terrible. They are so innocent and then we bring them in war too. Peace must be the way, but how we get through with this knowledge to the world leaders is another case. Greed destroys people.

Maybe what they need to understand might be a thesis.

How do you wish to live?



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you find here:

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “is”  Use the word “is” to begin your post – bonus points for using it (as a word on its own or at the end of your final word, i.e. “metamorphosis”) at the end of your post as well. Have fun!

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