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Creative Jewelry Day

Dear Readers & Followers

Today I will show you the 2 Anklets, I wrote about yesterday, and some more new Jewelry:

ImageTwo Silver Anklets with Strawberry Quartz, a Girlfriend Set


ImageGolden Bracelet with Watermelon Tourmaline


ImageGolden Bracelet with Watermelon Tourmaline



ImageJewelry Set, Bracelet & Earrings, in Goldplated with Lapis Lazuli


ImageGoldplated Earrings with Pink Shell

The Jewelry here are available in my Etsy Shop at:

I have had a bit of a strange day today with more than enough to take care of, but I found my time for myself for creating jewelry, which makes me very happy. What makes you very happy to do. I would like to know.

At least a photo of Odin in our area:Image

Wish all of you a nice day








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