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Odin & Roses in my garden – 3 Photos


As you can see, Odin enjoy the Spring now, it is nice outside, so I did enjoy my coffee at the terrace today


The roses in my garden are looking very beautiful and each day I see them begin to bloom, I will show you more photos in the coming time, so you can enjoy them too


For each day the Sun are shining more and more, it is wonderful and the right time to enjoy the Sun. When we come to the Summer, it is early to warm to stay outside, unless there are wind. In the hot Summer time we can have up to around 45 degrees Celsius – 113 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very hot and not nice any longer. In the Summer time the garden is usable in the morning and in the evening. I’m happy that I live so close to the beach, the Mediterranean Sea, I can walk there in 5 minuts, which I’m sure that I will appreciate, if we get so hot Summer again.

How is the weather looking in your part of our world?


Rain & Storm in Spain – 12 photos


We have had rain and storm in more than a week here, which is unusual, but the weather are changing all over the world

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them


The river you see here has been total dry in the time, I have been living here, but after all this rain, this did change


This river end out in the Mediterranean Sea


As you can see, this is not beautiful


All the brown water from the before very dry river end out here


The Sea and the river meet here


A lot of brown water


Unfortunately there were people who lost their lives in this area, when the weather were on the worst


You can see they meet here


and it is not beautiful


I tried to zoom for you to see


I hope you enjoyed your visit


I’m happy to tell you that I have seen the Sun here the last two days and enjoyed so very much. We have heavy wind but sunshine 😀

Storm in Spain today – 3 photos

The last days, we have had a very mixed weather here in Spain. Yesterday evening and night silent rain, but for many hours. I will show you some photos from the area here photographed today. Enjoy…

ImageFrom the morning walk with Odin after all our rain, I found this scene.


ImageOdin keep his eyes at the trees in the forrest, as we have storm now.


Image The storm is pretty heavy here now, I was happy to be able to hold Odins line, while we walked in the open areas. Things are flying around in the streets and the animals are hiding themselves, which I do understand. I’m happy, that we don’t see this kind of weather too often here. We are used to wind, also a lot, but these storm is not for fun.

I hope, you enjoy to see a little from the area in Catalonia in Spain, where I live now.




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