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Welcome to all my new Followers & Readers.

If i didn’t visit you yet, please be patient, I will visit your blog 🙂 And maybe also follow, if I find we have something in interest to exchange and learn each other in a good way.

I don’t follow all back, because I do read your blog and your About. When I deside to follow a blogger, I do also read and comment, when I feel that I have something to say.

If you are writing about your religion and this is an important topic at your blog, I will not follow you. I am living spiritual and maybe I think and live in another way. Your blog is great anyway, it is yours 🙂

I would like to ask some of you, who are writing with very small letters at your blog, if it is possible to change your letters to a little more big? You are writing something as I find interesting, otherwise I would not follow you, but I find it very difficult to read those small letters and jump away fast, not to get headache caused the small letters. I would really like to read more at your blog 😉 

At the moment I have only PC access in the evening, because I need our generator to work to have electricity. The rest of the day I use my Tablet and I’m not able to do the same from this like I can by my PC. I think they still need to develope a lot to the Apps, as we are offered from many places.

My first language are not English, so please understand that I don’t write perfect, but do my best to improve myself every day.

Thank you for joining in here and have a wonderful day or evening up to, where ever you are in our world.


Welcome and thank you !


Photos from my area in Spain


Welcome to all my new followers, I hope you will find it worth visiting my blog. 

Thank you very much to all of you, who have gifted me with wonderful awards. I’m happy to receive all of them. Know that you are very appreciated.

For all of you to know, my internet connection is limited and it takes a lot of time to post about awards, so this has to wait until April, where I will have my network back for full time again.

For my new followers this means, that I will visit all of you and maybe also follow you, if I find your blog just as interesting, as you found mine. Please be patient – and I will come back.

Thank you again – to all of you.

Wish you an amazing weekend.


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