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WordPress Support READ HERE

Your new updates are function very, very, very bad…..

When I’m online at my pc, I see this: Leave us a message, but it is not working anyway. I try to click, not one, but maybe 15 times to contact you, but when I’m very lucky, I can start writing to you and then all disappear, and not possible to open and continue the message, just away and it looks so great to be able to contact you this way, but no no no.

Your new updates to both PC and Android are function very very bad. No matter what I try to do I just get the message that you don’t respond, do you wish to close and the worst must be this Howdy, how may we help? In the middle of my post my text jump dowm to you as a message and I think, now I can contact you, so I ¬†click to continue writing to you, and then again all disappear.

Please let us keep WordPress in a way, so we can use it, both from PC and Androids.

I hope for help here very soon


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