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Love Is In Da Blog

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I feel very grateful for all the new bloggers, where many became friends by time, as I have met here at WordPress. Have been here since May 2013.

As you might know, I relocated to Spain in 2012 and to a very deserted area, which made it difficult to meet new friends. Later I found out, that many Spanish families have more than enough in themselves. Maybe because I lived far away from turist areas, turists use to prefer either beaches or big cities. So new friends here were more than difficult to find. I was close to give up, when my daughter who also is expat, but in Germany, gave me the idea to start a blog and maybe meet new friends this way. I’m her forever grateful for that idea.

I found it a little difficult in the beginning, because I spoke English in my daily life but long time since I used it for writing. This gave some funny posts at my blog, but all here were very kind to try to understand, what I tried to express.

Danish is my first language, then English and later German and since Spanish, which I still try to learn to express better. One thing is to learn another language, another thing is to use it often, otherwise we forget the taught. I have knowledge to some other languages too, but not enough to be able to use them.

Here at WordPress I have found several new friends, which has helped me to stay more mental healthy for my first years here without friends. Some of these blogger friends I got to know better and found out, that online friendships are very valuable for me, as I live here. They have taught me so much by both their writing and photos. I have seen much of the world through the blog and enjoyed this so very much.

Thank you to all my new blogging friends for being here and share your world, also with me.



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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: acquaint and/or friend. Use one, use both, add prefixes or suffixes, but whatever you do, have fun!

One-Liner Wednesday

We can’t save all in the world – but we can all do a difference for some one soul


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