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Guest post by Bee



Today I have the pleasure to present one of my very good blogging friends Bee. If you don’t already know her, you should go and visit her. Thank you for being my guest today Bee.


I “met” Irene via Linda G. Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”. It is of course not a meeting in person, but I firmly believe that meeting someone online can be as beneficial than meeting them in real life.
To be honest, I can’t really remember how we started talking. I suspect she was so kind to comment on one of my posts. Or her link was on top of Linda’s post comments, and I just ventured along. 
I liked what I saw on her brilliant blog. Beautiful Jewellery and pictures of Spain and her dog that made me sigh. A little later we had the idea to do a “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” post together. That was fun. 
Hey, Irene, we should do it again. But please not in February, you know “Love Is In Da Blog” :-).
What astounds me is how small the world can be.
Irene is from Denmark, and I have been to Denmark a few times and just love it. Her daughter lives in German where I am from. And we both love beaches and Crystals. 
If she lived closer by we would have coffee or tea together now and then. We would share our wisdom and cake recipes and would pat her dog. Maybe we’d go for a walk and I could show her our favourite beach.
Unfortunately, beaming has not been invented yet. So we go on reading each others posts and sharing as much of our lives as we find in our hearts to share.
Thanks Irene for being one of my faraway friends!”
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Dear Reader & WordPress Mobile

I’m sorry for not being able to visit all the blogs, as I use to or to answer your comments as usual from either my smartphone or tablet. The Android version of WordPress has big, big problems at the moment and have had for about a week now, I think.

The Android version has also changed from being easy to download posts, also photo posts without too many photos, now I only see one photo, if I’m lucky. I don’t know, why it is so heavy working now. It is very annoying.

Short time ago, it became possible to open my mobile Reader, read posts and reblogs, visit those and like and/or share these. This is no longer possible. If I wish to like or comment at the reblogs, I will be asked to login again to be able to do so, and even I try that it is not function as it should. If this continue, I will need to stop following a lot of you, as you mostly reblog other blogs and often great reblogs, but the mobile Reader has a limit at around 20 posts and if many are reblogs, I don’t have much to either read, like, comment or share anyway.

I mostly read from my Androids, which is more easy for me and right now I can’t even open Liked posts or comments as usual. I really hope, that WordPress Mobile will change this very soon, so we can use our Androids again.

Wish you a good day


One-Liner Wednesday

Forgive yourself for ever allowing others to hurt you



One-Liner Wednesday made by Linda, as you find here:

One-Liner Wednesday – A Cup of Cheer

You can join too 😀

Cat – This post is part of SoCS

SoCS badge 2015

I have been busy for a while and it absolutely not ended yet. As you may know, I would like to move closer to my daughter, as lives in Germany. It is never free to move and to move so far away, from Spain to Germany is expensive. I’m still saving for this movement, as I also have both of my old cats at now 12 years old and Odin at 2½ years old.

Just to find a new house here, where I am allowed to have both my cats and Odin is a challenge. In Germany it is even more difficult, because many don’t like to rent out to both foreigners and to people with pets.

My next challenge is, that I need to find a new house and that very soon. My contract here ends 31. of December this year and it is not possible to renew the contract, because the house is close to sold.

I do really wish to find a house in an area like this, close to both beach and nature areas, where I will be allowed to walk with Odin also. I love to end our walks by the beach. I need to find a house with garden, because my old cats are used to be able to get outdoor in daytime and they do really cry, when this is not possible. I will not let them down, they have been there for me in so many years and so many different life situations. They deserves to be able to get out in a garden. Most of all they enjoy just to watch the birds and the dragons in the garden. They don’t hunt so much any longer, mostly butterflies, but they love to stay outdoor and I wish to keep them safe in same time.

It would be different, if I had indoor cats, which I had as a kid living in a big city, where it was dangerous to live outdoor as a cat. Indoor cats are more easy to move with, they just demand a nice place with soft resting places and great view from the windows to follow life outdoor.

Many years ago I needed to move from a house to an apartment with my cat. She was used to live outdoor and this was not possible for a while. This went not good. I don’t wish to repeat this situation.

My cats deserves to live a good pensioner life in love and with access to a garden. Otherwise I will destroy their life quality and this I don’t wish to.

When we take cats and dogs into our household, we also need to think in their needs, which make the movings to a bigger challenge, but not impossible, it just takes more time to find the right place to live.

What do you do, when you need to move with your animals?



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you can find here:

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “-cat-”  Use the letters at the start, middle, or end of a word and make it the subject of your post – or just use the word “cat.” Enjoy!

Dear Reader


Sunset seen against east yesterday in Spain

I’m sorry, that I don’t come so much around visiting blogs, as I use to. My energy level is very low at the moment, why I don’t do so much, as I use to, not either my nature posts. I will be back, when I feel the energy again. Know that you are in my mind and I try my best to visit as many blogs, as I follow and as I can.

In the meanwhile I do my best to recharge my energy in the nature and create new jewelry, when possible.

The weather here in Spain, where I live are going against autumn and my body is not so satisfied with this, even I feel, that it is now possible to walk long walks again without being exhausted by the heat. Like many people with rheumatism my body needs to warm up, before I’m able to do so much. This I almost forgot in the nice summertime, where I only had problems in very wet periods.

I wish all of you a great weekend


Bad behavior – This post is part of #Tuesdayuseitanasentience

Don’t allow anyone to treat you badly, just ignore their bad behavior


This post in inspired by Karen, as you find here:

Karen writes so great posts about different kind of personal development and this post is so inspiring, at least for me


This prompt is developed by Linda, as you find here:

Olives & Orange in Spain – 15 Photos


For first time in several months Odin and I went out for one of our longer walks yesterday. It has been to warm to walk for hours, but now the temperatures are going very fast down and it was nice to walk and see much more than usual

Remember that you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them


Of course I want to share with you, what we saw. Many Olive trees are now close to be ready for harvest, as you can see in the coming photos

IMG_20151015_185542 IMG_20151015_185153 IMG_20151015_185147

IMG_20151015_184655 IMG_20151015_184642

IMG_20151015_185550 IMG_20151015_185548

The Orange trees are also looking good. Most of the Orange are green yet, but big and look to be a good harvest, when ready, as you can se here


IMG_20151015_184008 IMG_20151015_183943 IMG_20151015_183847

Here you see a kindergarten for Orange Trees and a mountain behind

The nature is a little different in this area and some views are very beautiful



I hope that you enjoyed our walk


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