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Body & Mind – This post is a part of SoCS

We need to treat our body and mind in a healthy way to live a life able to join life without health problems.

For my body I use to take walks with my dog and practice yoga, which helps me to be able to use my body also when I have pain by Osteoarthritis. If I just sit and don’t move around my body will get worse and worse. Instead I try my best with yoga, where I get stretched my body all the right places.

For my mind I use meditation and gratitude. I do use meditation two  times a day, if possible and when I go to bed I think about all the things I have to be grateful for. I try to find so much as possible and give my thanks to our universe.

In my daily life I do my best to stay positive, smile and don’t judge anyone. We do all have a history and I’m not the one to judge you.

All these ways of behavior help me to treat my body and mind in a healthy way, of course I can do a lot more, but I can’t do all in one time, so step by step.

What do yo do to treat your body and mind healthy? I would like to know, maybe we can inspire each other 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading. This topic will continue in next weekend,



This post is part of SoCS:

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